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I planted radish, basil, and lettuce seeds in a bag of potting soil. Took this photo this morning. I’m so excited!! I could not do anything with photography for years because of my cataracts. I had no idea what was going on…. Read More

Why simplicity matters

I wanted to title this post; Why Tasha Tudor, Townsends, and living simply calls to us but it wouldn’t fit neatly on the title header. Years ago, I heard of some people (people who lived in bigger cities) wanting to change things… Read More

WWTTD:What Would Tasha Tudor Do?

From her clothes, to her home, the cats in sleeping in mixing bowls, her homespun and hand sewn clothes, etc. Tasha Tudor is my mentor (and Jessica Soward from Roots and Refuge helps me too!) of course, neither of these women know… Read More