What do you bring to the altar?

First Visit to an Orthodox Church (pt. 2): Passageway vs Preparation - Gary  Neal Hansen -

In the scripture when we read about the birth of Christ, we see the example set by the Wise Men to bring gifts to our King. Over the years this has been replaced by some who say WE are the gift. Really? With all of our sins… WE are a gift to God? Hardly. When approaching an icon of the Mother of God for a request, why not bring even a small collection of flowers? Does your home altar reflect reverence and devotion or is it more than a little bit neglected?

Light your candles (but do not leave them unattended!). Light and burn incense. Dust it. Place flowers or other offerings upon it. We see examples of offerings being brought in the OT. Jesus was the SIN offering but that does not mean He cancelled out our bringing other offerings of gratitude, love, affection, joy, etc.

There is no one way set in stone to worship the Lord. We hear and see this all of the time so why balk at showing outwardly your love and devotion by bringing a gift to the altar?


This is in the NT, not the OT. Where is your gift?

At the risk of being hexed…

The Fall Equinox is tomorrow. On social media, you may have seen it referred to as, Mabon which begins today and lasts until Sept. 29th.

250 Mabon ideas in 2021 | mabon, autumnal equinox, sabbats

Mabon is the name of one of several Sabbats or celebrations among older practices.

Type in the word, Mabon on a social media site or Pinterest and you will be treated to mostly, beautiful images of fall.

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If you have been following this blog, you know I have spent the last year in study of ‘The Old Ways’ in an attempt to cultivate a deeper understanding of well… the old ways. Christianity, while a relatively new religion has been incredibly powerful in wiping out old traditions. Some of them have been incorporated but much of our ancestry, especially my Euro-pagan ancestry, has been lost to religious fervor over the centuries. While ‘traveling’ the Net, I have seen much, learned some things and now I have questions/observations.

For claims of being ultra-spiritual, to the point of mocking Christians and Christianity for their lack of spirituality, I am surprised at some of the things I have seen/read/watched put upon the Net by folks claiming to be ultra-spiritual and oh-so-very-connected-to-nature.

  1. I am surprised at the prevalent belief in evolution. No one that i have come across has upheld or supported the creation myth associated with their particular path. The lies of evolution have permeated every Western culture and have effectively wiped out most peoples’ loyalties to their religions creation stories. Why? So much press has been created over evolution vs. Christian creationism I never really gave much thought to the origin stories of other faiths. Evolution is no more able to be proven than the story of the Greek gods and Zeus but the myth of evolution has effectively wiped out everyone many mystic belief systems. Your god is no longer your god if you allow science to dictate what you should, and should not believe.
  2. The second thing I am surprised about is how a woman who claims to be so spiritual she will not smash a spider in her home will be an ardent, even rabid supporter of abortion. Where is your sanctity of life? Why is the life of a woman in a womb less important to you than a spider? Please do not tell me how much you care about women’s rights as you fight for women to be able to take away from another woman the most basic of all human rights… the right to life! I do not care how much money you send to the ASPCA or how many animals you rescue, I do not care if you refuse to set up mouse traps or kill insects in your garden… if you are fighting for abortion rights you are fighting for murder and i cannot figure out how this works into your ‘ultra-spiritual’ life. Can you see the hypocrisy in saving a spider and murdering an unborn person? Do not cry over all of the malevolent male patriarch blah blah this and that as your march around in support of the murdering of the most innocent and unprotected of all beings… unborn children.

Yes, as a matter of fact I am being judgemental about your spiritual path.

I am not going to throw stones at you for having an abortion. The act of abortion is a millstone around your neck for the rest of your life even if you have an attitude of bravado about it to cover up your doubts and feelings. I have deep sorrow in my heart for the women who have committed this crime against themselves and their unborn children. This is something that cannot be undone but it can be atoned for however, that is between you and your belief system. This post is more about spiritual hypocrisy than anything else. I just cannot wrap my head around women being riled up about one thing (Men bring us down and try to control our bodies!) and in the next breath, “We want the right to wipe out human life!”

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Stop advocating for murder. Begin advocating for ALL life not just the life of a spider.

This Mabon, as witches and pagans across the world reset themselves for the year ahead, my hope and prayer is that the would realize the hypocrisy of being abortion activists while speaking this: Wiccan morality is largely expressed in the Wiccan Rede: ‘An’ it harm none, do what ye will’ – old-fashioned language for ‘as long as you aren’t harming anyone, do as you wish’. While this could be interpreted to mean “do no harm at all,” it is usually interpreted as a declaration of the freedom to act, along with the necessity of thinking through and taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions.

Being proaboriton because it’s her body her choice is like being prorape because it’s his body his choice. Someone in both of those scenarios is having something done to them they do not want done. A person in both scenarios is a victim of the will of another person. There is a great deal of harm being done in both scenarios.

I hope that someone is reading this and the dots are connecting. You can advocate for women’s rights and not be pro-baby-murder. In fact it makes more sense to be against abortion in the name of human rights. Try not to look at it as what is being taken away form women when strict abortion rights are passed. Try to look at it as a win for human rights… the ultimate human right… the right to life.

Righteousness or ‘feminism’

Miriam the prophetess | Passover Haggadah by Raquel Vieira

Although I have not yet reached, Exodus in my daily scripture reading, other readings with which I am presently involved have mentioned, Miriam and some interesting aspects of her story of which I previously was unaware.

Miriam was not only the sister of Moses and Aaron, she was a prophetess, she was brave, she was a source of water for the Israelites while they were wandering in the desert. One thing I doubt she would have called herself, especially since the word did not exist back then would have been, ‘feminist’.

I do not understand the need for feminists to attach the word ‘Feminist’ to brave, righteous women of the bible. Is it virtue signalling? Is it a desperate plea for recognition in yet another male-dominated traditional religion?

When I see women ordained as Rabbis, Anglican priests, or stamping around stage in their Protestant ministry, dressed like men and speaking like men I think, ‘how unimaginative’. I believe asserting oneself into male dominated arenas

Miriam stands alone as a righteous women without the need to clarify her through the use of modern feminist language. I cannot imagine her, or any other strong woman of the bible, standing on a street corner wearing a big, pink, vagina costume or cat ear hat.

Whatever feminism started out as, it has become a joke.

The Prophet Miriam: Vision for the Future | Messianic Bible
The Prophetess, Miriam

Miriam’s water cup should be allowed on the Seder table but not as an act of feminist inclusion, but rather as an acknowledgement of the very important contributions of a brave, righteous woman not only to the Israelites, but to the entire world.

You can be righteous and do brave things without being a ‘feminist’.

It is more important to be obedient to the Lord (which is why, Miriam did what she did and was able to do what she was able to do. Not because she was a feminist but because she was obedient and righteous!), than to be a feminist. You can live without feminism but living without God, without the spirit of obedience (obedience is not a character of feminism so how could feminists label an obedient righteous woman as a feminist?) can have disastrous results in one’s life. Being disobedient, is something, Miriam, a pious Jewish woman, would never have done. she would have known that blessings come from being obedient.

when reading about, and studying, the women of the bible please keep in mind they existed in a different time. this might sound very basic and obvious, but I constantly see people making the great mistake of trying to either judge people in the past by our modern standards, or make the other mistake of trying to give modern labels to the behaviors of those in the past who do admirable things.

The things done by, Miriam were brave, different, maybe even a bit scary to those looking on in awe, or wonder, or even skepticism. To, Miriam however, they would just have been the things she did in obedience to hearing God’s voice. A stirring in her spirit perhaps, or a vivid dream she prayed about the next morning and went on to accomplish in ‘real-time’.

Labeling things done by brave, pious women as ‘feminist’ can be considered exclusionary or even as theft by those who are more traditional. Piety fits into tradition but the modern label of ‘feminism’ is not readily accepted by everyone… nor is it necessary. It is another act of exclusion if one thinks applying the label of ‘feminist’ to brave women of the Torah or Bible is the only way to acknowledge that what these women did was extraordinary (Extraordinary yes, but not unattainable to today’s pious women).

What women like, Miriam, the Myrrh Bearing women celebrated during Pascha and Pentecost, the Virgin Mary (Theotokos) and other women of renown, were able to do was only because of their piety and obedience. the willingness to be a vessel for God. To take a risk in order to help others. Feminism has become such a terribly selfish thing. More like a ravenous, self-serving beast in need of a shock collar (abortion, promiscuity, rage, hate, division, etc.), than a thing of beauty or of benefit. Women of the Bible who were brave and accomplished great things did so out of love for their community. They saw a need and fulfilled it. They were selfless, brave, loving, giving, self-sacrificing.


Women such as Miriam, Sarah, Anna, Mary, et al, are exemplars of piety, righteousness, sacrifice, obedience, and love. They already have crowns of glory. They do not need the label of, ‘feminist’ in order to make them ‘relevant’.