Two videos for you

I think you will like these. the first video is of the temple of Solomon. This is the temple where, Zachariah, Elizabeth’s husband, served. It is also the temple where, Mary lived growing up. The place where she was fed by angels. The place where she was working wool to make the temple veil (that later would be torn in half by, Jesus while He was on the cross), when she was greeted by the angel Gabriel.

CORRECTION: I’m not sure what’s going on on the video. First he says she went into Solomon’s temple then says no, it was rebuilt several times and the actual temple was one built by Herod? Either way, Zachariah was the priest serving, Solomon’s temple is amazing and worth taking the time to view in the video. Sorry for any confusion!

The second video is a talk on Mary, the Animated Ark. The vessel of Christ.

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