Preparing for the Deep Dive into Lent

Yesterday I posted a photo of a book, and icon I had purchased at church.

I started reading it to see what I needed to do to prepare to read this book for 40 days. The author mentioned that the study in this book could be used as a spiritual retreat. After having only been to Divine Liturgy a few times over the last year, I sure could use a spiritual retreat, or Deep Dive.

Aside from the issues with the virus and my husband being at high risk to catch it, going to church was a bit depressing. Hardly any people were there, the icons were covered,people we grumpy and distant. It has been hard. Try as I might, worshiping at home is just not the same as with the community of believers (Probably why the bible is all about GOING to church to worship.).

My plan is to; attend as many services as possible, read scripture, pray and dig into this book. I know many people do an intensive reading of Psalms at this time but this year, I am going in a bit of a different direction.

I will be giving my home altar a spring cleaning. New candles, new incense… the works.

How are you preparing for Lent?

Are we bearing fruit?

Photo by, @jccards

If we are bearing fruit… what does it look like?

Is the fruit you are bearing strong and healthy? Adhering to scripture and Holy Tradition?

Or is it moldy and stale, filled with personal doctrine and self interpretation of the scriptures based on backing up your worldly ideas of what Christianity looks like?

Photo by @foodism360

It is so easy to drop out and unplug during these uncertain times. To add insult to an already injurious situation there are ‘arm chair priests’ out there giving their own (usually nasty) interpretations of the situation. Ignore them all. Listen to YOUR priest, YOUR bishop and tune in to Liturgies being given at your parish if you cannot attend in person. If you cannot attend in person, there are monasteries that live-stream their services on Youtube.

Keep reading. Keep saying your prayers. Attend church even if it is via some sort of electronic service.

Do not allow your fruit to rot. Hang in there. Things will not always be this way.