Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week

The moon is so bright you could probably read by it. The first full moon of Spring marks Passover. The Jewish holiday (remember Christ was born into a Jewish family. He came first for the Jews, was rejected and then adopted the Gentiles. We are the wild olive branches.) Romans 11:17 Now if some of … Continue reading Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week


Another good reason to leave Protestantism

A few years ago, The Head Covering Movement began. Woe to any commentator who tried to be the voice of reason in the comments section of their website: I tried and was banned for life. (feel free to look them up on the Internet. I will not link to their site as it is filled … Continue reading Another good reason to leave Protestantism

Working hard to let it go

Confession was interesting last night. I realized I had been judgemental and prideful (per usual). How has this any different than other confessions of pride, or having a judgemental attitude?I was feeling these things towards those still in the world of Protestantism. I was proud of myself for getting out of it and judgemental of … Continue reading Working hard to let it go