Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week

The moon is so bright you could probably read by it. The first full moon of Spring marks Passover. The Jewish holiday (remember Christ was born into a Jewish family. He came first for the Jews, was rejected and then adopted the Gentiles. We are the wild olive branches.) Romans 11:17 Now if some of … Continue reading Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week


Struggling with Christian female identity

As I watched a program the other day on which two men were dressed as women in garish, bright yellow dresses, I lamented the state of our nation. Not just for this, but for so many things we are getting wrong in America right now. As a protestant woman, there are pressures put upon us … Continue reading Struggling with Christian female identity

New icons arrived

On the lest is:Mother of God of the Three Joys. In this icon we see, Mary hold the Christ child. Joseph is on the left and St. John the baptist is on the right. The legend of the icon is as follows. In the early 18th century, one of the Russian painters sent by Peter … Continue reading New icons arrived

The Jesus prayer

One of the first things I went to work on acquiring when I began exploring Orthodoxy was the Jesus prayer as part of my prayer rule. "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me the sinner.". I researched it and began praying it. Continually? No. Without ceasing? No. I try and do  not … Continue reading The Jesus prayer

Praying to your guardian angel

I don't know about you, but for me it is so hard to remember to pray at all let alone remember to pray to my personal saint and swift helper, Matrona as well as to my guardian angel. That's quite a bit of ground to cover. If you need to either start to, or get … Continue reading Praying to your guardian angel

No… all roads do NOT lead to Christ

In my continued research of my faith... of Orthodoxy the one true Christian faith (that's right... I went there) I'm finding luminous pearls of wisdom from The Fathers. I'm going to share them with you and then post a video for you at the end. The postings and video are pretty much the same but … Continue reading No… all roads do NOT lead to Christ

How the Ecumenical Councils Helped form & Define Christianity

“We refuse to take on the idea that any of the Church’ canons are obsolete or subject to review … To think otherwise, it means to place yourself above the Church and to oppose with your own limited experience, the eternal and infallible experience of the Church guided by the Holy Spirit.  Never had any … Continue reading How the Ecumenical Councils Helped form & Define Christianity