Struggling with Christian female identity

As I watched a program the other day on which two men were dressed as women in garish, bright yellow dresses, I lamented the state of our nation. Not just for this, but for so many things we are getting wrong in America right now. As a protestant woman, there are pressures put upon us … Continue reading Struggling with Christian female identity


The Jesus prayer

One of the first things I went to work on acquiring when I began exploring Orthodoxy was the Jesus prayer as part of my prayer rule. "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me the sinner.". I researched it and began praying it. Continually? No. Without ceasing? No. I try and do  not … Continue reading The Jesus prayer

Why be a monastic? (I)

via Why be a monastic? (I) I can't help but wonder if American Orthodox parents talk to their children about being monastics? I see in the article that many monastics had to go through flames to get to their monasteries. America is so very unused to monasticism. We have seen caricatures of monks and nuns … Continue reading Why be a monastic? (I)

Stop shedding blood ‘for Christ’

In light of what is happening around the world, what has been happening, I am highlighting today the lives of two Russian princes: Sts. Boris and Gleb.  Please read all of the articles. They are very informative and I cannot do them justice trying to condense them into a smaller post. The basics however are; … Continue reading Stop shedding blood ‘for Christ’

Another good reason to leave Protestantism

A few years ago, The Head Covering Movement began. Woe to any commentator who tried to be the voice of reason in the comments section of their website: I tried and was banned for life. (feel free to look them up on the Internet. I will not link to their site as it is filled … Continue reading Another good reason to leave Protestantism

Ten years ago vs. now challenge

There is a social media challenge going on presently involving people posting photos of themselves 10 years ago along side photos taken recently. The objective is to show how much you have changed. I began looking through old photos and quite frankly, I cannot handle the painful memories associated with many of the photos I … Continue reading Ten years ago vs. now challenge

Working hard to let it go

Confession was interesting last night. I realized I had been judgemental and prideful (per usual). How has this any different than other confessions of pride, or having a judgemental attitude?I was feeling these things towards those still in the world of Protestantism. I was proud of myself for getting out of it and judgemental of … Continue reading Working hard to let it go