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Orthodox Holy Week Pt. 2- Orthodoxy heals your soul

Orthodox Christianity ultimately focuses on healing our souls. I think it is fairly obvious by what I post about my past as a Protestant that I am in the process of healing. My youth in Protestantism was not an issue Per se…. Read More

Ignorance causes spiritual death

An enlightening talk given by Priestmonk Kosmas on how ignorance causes spiritual death. What would be considered spiritual death? In a nutshell, giving people everything they want sin-wise, without telling them, ‘No, what you want is not of God’.

No… all roads do NOT lead to Christ

In my continued research of my faith… of Orthodoxy the one true Christian faith (that’s right… I went there) I’m finding luminous pearls of wisdom from The Fathers. I’m going to share them with you and then post a video for you… Read More

How the Ecumenical Councils Helped form & Define Christianity

“We refuse to take on the idea that any of the Church’ canons are obsolete or subject to review … To think otherwise, it means to place yourself above the Church and to oppose with your own limited experience, the eternal and… Read More