Are you ready for the Carnivore challenge?!

May be an image of text that says 'Fake meat is plant based plus a few harmful chemicals it's also plant based D Reversing-l ਜਾ'

Most people use January as their month to begin their renewals. a renewed mind by committing to reading more. A renewed spirituality by going to church more or reading their bible more. Some… a renewed body by committing to changing their way of eating via embarking on a low-carb diet.

What if you made the commitment for a renewal of body, mind AND spirit/soul?

There is a FB group called, Carnivore 75 Hard Challenge. This is not MY group as in I did not start it.

I am a member but I joined, and then did not complete the challenge. On January 1st. I will rejoin and recommit.

Who is with me? here is a peek at what you can expect. Remember, it is a HARD challenge. It’s going to be difficult to do.













The challenge starts January 1st and extends through March 17th!!!!Think about what 4 you want to concentrate on and give it your all. 75 days is a long time and I want this to be doable and challenging at the same time. Figure out and write down your WHY for this challenge. Print it out hang it up where you will see it everyday to keep you motivated.

You can leave a comment if you like, letting me know who is on board… or not. If you want to you can just join the FB group and participate through that platform. It does not matter. What matters is that you do the challenge and change whatever it is you wish to change.

Remember: take a before picture of yourself, take your measurements and if you have a scale and you wish to track your weight you can do that also.

Good luck!

I had written in a previous post about doing the Young living Slique products but they are still sold out. I am doing the Carnivore 75 Challenge instead.

Carnivore Meat Up!

My breakfast, pork tenderloin.

Last night, I, and five other amazing, strong women gathered at a local fast-food Mexican restaurant to meet each other and give one another support in walking a healthier life path. It was amazing. I had a great time meeting these beautiful, strong women doing what they need to do to become a healthier (perhaps healthiest) version of themselves.

I have eaten the carnivore way off and on for several years. I need to buckle down and keep going. I tend to stop when I do too much ‘dumping’ which is pretty much what it sounds like. You see, as we go along in life eating toxic plants; kale, beans, grains, legumes, etc. the toxins in plants accumulate in our organs and fat cells. When you stop eating them your body does what is called, ‘dumping’ to rid itself of all of those toxic plant chemicals.

A photo from my honeymoon in Dec. of 2004. Don’t let the smile fool you. I was very ill in that photo. I almost died before getting married that year!

I have struggled with my health my whole life. Eating meat is not about pleasure or luxury. It is about survival. People like Bill Gates and radical vegans want to take away my right to a healthy life. I will fight for my right for freedom of choice in my kitchen!

I should, as a free citizen, be able to decide the right course of wellness that best suits me. Eating fake meat, and toxic plant matter is not the best choice for my body. To that end, I renewed my commitment to eating carnivore. The ladies in the meat up last night were very inspirational. Many good testimonials on improved wellness were shared as well as tips and recipes.

Tired of being tired? Looking for a way toward optimum health? The carnivore diet just might be the answer but you will never know until you give it a go.

There are groups on FB and people to follow on IG.

Come on over to IG and give me a follow @melissabishopco or @kelly_hogan91 @carnivoremd2.0 (IG keeps censoring him because darn it! Healthy meat heals people.) @shawnbaker1967. You might even discover someone to follow I have not yet met.

The food industry is fraught with lies to sell, sell, sell. Eating meat is good for you, and no one needs to eat a vegetable EVER are truth!

When healing comes from outside the accepted box of ‘wisdom’

con·ven·tion·al wis·dom Learn to pronounce nounnoun: conventional wisdom; plural noun: conventional wisdoms

  1. a generally accepted theory or belief.

Beef, salt, water (often in the form of coffee). Everyday… all day.

That was her diet for 3 months. Not 100% but enough to do what she was told avoiding beef and eating chicken would do but it did not. Eating beef HEALED HER.

Being told to avoid eating beef because it causes health issues is right up there with the great myth that, ‘if you keep making that face your whole face will freeze and you’ll look like that forever!’. Lies, lies, lies.

If you think the nightly news, or morning news shows, or prime time t.v. are great places to receive accurate nutritional information… think again. Accurate nutritional information doesn’t even come from trained nutritionists! All it means when some one claims to be a certified nutritionist is that they learned what they were told and regurgitated the information accurately but what have they really studied and learned if they only vomit back the same information they have been fed and do not do their own research?

The person I mentioned above fought stage 3c breast cancer and lived. Stage 3c is the stage right before stage 4 cancer. She went to a nutritionist who told her not to eat beef because it would aggravate her condition and could cause her cancer to return. Lies, lies, lies. This person just had another scan yesterday after being on the lioness diet for three months. Everything is normal. No ‘hot spots’! Hot spots when she ate chicken and no beef. No hot spots eating beef and no chicken.

Her words to me:

‘We used to sit around and mock you for eating so much beef. We were sure you would drop dead any day… but you didn’t. Now I think you’ll out live us all!’.

My dear readers, there is a reason why beef is attacked on a regular basis and it’s not because raising beef is bad for the environment.

Eating meat heals the human body. Now, if you’re eating that beef with highly processed foods, you will not receive the benefits eating beef provides. You must stop eating processed foods.

Beef, salt, water (sometimes made into coffee) eventually maybe some fruit once and a while but not much and not too soon especially if you have metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc.) and need to lose weight.

It’s not too late. It’s not too late to reclaim your health!

Here are some resources for you.




Another person’s testimony.

Then, there is this guy. Please watch the video. I recommend at 1.25x speed.

Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Rough sketch of flower by Melissa Bishop all rights reserved

Years ago, I got into art. I painted a still life, I TRIED to paint like Bob Ross which is surprisingly difficult and messy. Who has room like that to create such a mess AND who has the bank to buy a gazillion brushes to switch out for different colors? For me, Bob was more fun to watch than to emulate. I like Gary Jenkins stuff better and yes, I painted a few roses too.

I then got into botanical art. Loved it! Oh my. I am a botanical art junkie. To the point where I took a couple classes up at a Botanic Gardens 100miles away. What a nightmare driving in big city traffic! But i did it. then, my hands started to ache more and more and I would wake up at night with such excruciating pain radiating from my fingers up to my elbow on my right hand it would bring me to tears. I’d have to run into the bathroom to not wake up my husband with all the wincing and crying I would do.

I started eating the carnivore diet. Actually it is called the Lion Diet because all you eat is meat, salt, and water (sometimes my water has been infused with coffee beans but don’t tell anyone.

In about three days the inflammation in my hands reduced enough to where I could do some occasional drawing, writing, etc. Nothing too heavy mind you but enough to be happy to be able to do it. Today, I stopped in at a local arts supply store and bought a watercolor sketch book and a watercolor brush. The kind with the water reservoir in the handle.

I just ordered some mini water color pans to hold paint (12mmx12mm) someone had 3D printed and was selling on etsy. I barely got started in watercolor and botanical art and it all came to a screeching halt. But I’m going to get going on it again!

White Lady GIFs | Tenor
I’m a bit excited about it, yes I am!

I guess 53 is not a terrible age to start a thing. Grandma Moses was much older and she did alright, I’d say.

Here’s to the healers

Photo credit: Katherine Hanlon@tinymountain

Here’s to the healers who, like the myrrh bearing women of the bible, risk so much, and give so much of themselves for the benefit of others.

Here’s to the healers who study endlessly. Who learn the healing properties of plants. Who see the detriment of excessive use of modern pharmaceuticals and offer options for those who are willing. To those who worked hard to keep their families, friends, and other loved ones, out of hospitals… especially during the pandemic. Here’s to the foragers, the keepers of the hearth & home and those who use themselves as test subjects before offering the remedy to others. Here’s to those who wait patiently for the weeks it takes to make a tincture or infusion. Here is to the tea blenders, to those who study crystals and other alternative means of healing. To those who believe in miracles and desire to create them.

Here’s to those who know meat heals. Who go for walks in the woods and bring home pockets full of miracles. Here’s to those grinding herbs in their kitchens making poultices, salves and ointments.

Here’s to those of you who looked for the best path for you and walk it… willing to share your knowledge with those who will listen.

To you, the invisible care givers and healers, I raise a glass of fizzy drink to you.

A Toast to You | Note Card Café

Thirteen Years Ago

Thirteen years ago, I discovered the Paleo diet. I wish I had stayed with it. I’m going back to it.

These days, too many people are using the words, ‘Paleo Diet’ in their writings and recipes and neither what they write nor what they cook have anything to do with eating the paleo way.

For reference, when I use the word ‘diet’ I am referring to a way of eating, i.e. a nutritional meal plan that is beneficial to your health, not ‘eat this and lose weight’ although many do lose weight on paleo.

What is the Paleo diet? The paleo diet is a healthy, ancient way of eating that excludes; grains beans legumes, and white foods such as potatoes, sugar, and dairy. Here is the food pyramid for the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet Food Pyramid: 5 things to know

You will notice there are no legumes which means no legume pasta, or GF pasta, no GF this or that. It is not the gluten in grains that prevents them from making the cut on the pyramid, it is the toxins they contain. The same holds true for beans and legumes. It is because of the lectins and one other reason I will get to shortly.

Eating food containing lectins may cause digestive distress in some people. That’s because the body cannot digest lectins. Instead, they bind to cell membranes lining the digestive tract, where they may disrupt metabolism and cause damage.Aug 12, 2020, from Heathline website.

Also, lectins are found in all plants, but raw legumes (beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, peanuts) and whole grains like wheat contain the highest amounts of lectins. You are still eating lectins when eating leafy greens, fruits and other vegetables but in lower amounts than what is found in whole grains, beans legumes.

While digestive issues are on the rise in America, ,any doctors refuse to acknowledge it is due to the increase in people eating whole grains, beans and legumes and only blame poor eating habits (into this category many will place red meat but it is one of the easiest foods to digest), lack of exercise, etc. The same things that cause all disease.

Consuming high levels of plant material is no guarantee of improved health.

How was paleo ‘discovered’? Well, the so-called paleo diet was being eaten by the peoples of North America since they emigrated there from their own native countries centuries ago. This way of eating is also enjoyed by tribes people in Africa. One of the issues between American settlers and the Indians was that many American tribes were hunter-gatherer and the settlers grew their food by tearing up the land and planting seeds in neat rows. These rows of food need protecting so up go fences and suddenly people who hunt are cut off from following their food source to where ever it has gone.

The paleo way of eating was not invented but it was observed and adapted by, Vilhjalmur Stefansson. He was an arctic explorer who literally missed the boat (ship) that was supposed to take him to the rest of the expedition party, and lived with the Eskimos (Eskimo means meat eaters) while waiting for the next opportunity to go exploring.

Here is a LINK to a pdf explaining some of Stefansson’s findings about the health benefits of eating meat. Note it also includes references to popular food myths about scurvy and needing to eat grains. Neither of which is true, but both are so ingrained in our culture that these ‘sacred cows of nutrition’ even make it into t.v. shows. I can just see the writers of say, ‘House’ or, ‘The Mindy Project’; W1 ‘Uh hey guys we need content for next week’s show what can we write about?’ W2 ‘I watched a news article about how eating red meat is bad for you. Let’s to a show about people eating low-carb high-fat diets getting scurvy, heart disease and being fat.’.

A paleo diet means eating food as close to its natural state as possible. This means there is no such things as; paleo baked goods, pastas, cheeses, desserts, etc.

Now, some people will argue about whether or not dairy is ok to consume. I am going to leave that up to you but remember, coffee is made from beans. If you have been eating a paleo diet and are still experiencing some symptoms of illness, pain, brain fog, inflammation etc. you might want to explore going off coffee and seeing if that helps.

Beware websites with ‘paleo’ recipes that include; grains, beans and legumes. These people pander to other people’s weaknesses in order to have high ‘follow’ numbers and to make money.

The other reason for not eating carbs on paleo is to help overcome carb addiction. Carb addiction is why people experience ‘paleo flu’. Let’s call it what is is, withdrawal. Some people use food the way others use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Finding substitutes for foods excluded from eating plans can inhibit people from experiencing success with their new way of eating which in turn can cause them to become discouraged and quit.

Since the paleo diet is modeled after tribes people who do not eat plants, the other problem that has come up, which also aligns somewhat with what was mentioned above with people not being able to let go of the misinformation that people must eat vegetables.These people redesign the paleo pyramid to look like this:

What is the Paleo Diet? - The Paleo Mom

Or this which is all kinds of wrong (see the grains there in the middle-ish?).

The Definitive Guide to the Paleo Diet | Outside Online
Carb addict’s ‘paleo’ pyramid. Saying a small amount of grains is ok is like letting a drug addict a small amount of heroine is ok. (It is NOT.).

Disclaimer: Please consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning this or any other dietary change especially if you are obese and on medications. This information has been provided as an educational resource and not as a diagnosis or attempt to diagnose any illness or provide a cure. However, you may do a search on the internet and find inspirational stories from people who have had complete turnarounds to their health by eating paleo despite what popular t.v. shows and hte media try to tell us. Ask yourself’ if XYZ is so bad for us per the news articles with which we are bombarded, why are the people who eat lchf diets so darn healthy and good looking? Let’s look at some lowcarb high fat faces. (many are Keto faces but they are still eating lchf)

Low Carb Linda - We've all seen Carb Face vs Keto Face.... | Facebook
Ketomary71 - #FaceliftFriday Carb face to Keto face.... | Facebook
Happy #facetofacefriday!! Carb face vs. Keto face edition. The girl on the  left was happy, but not very healthy. My favorite part… | Keto, Carbs, My  favorite part
Pin on Weight Loss Motivation

They all look so much healthier and happier!

Whether it is; paleo, carnivore, or keto, low-carb eating does have its benefits. There are 11 weeks left in 2020. How nice would it be to start a lc diet and actually lose weight during the holidays instead of gaining it?Can your body really take on another 10-20 pounds?

Christmas stuffing: here's what happens to your body when you overeat
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