Why kettlebells are superior exercise equipment

kettle bells on floor

Mark Wildman of Wildman Athletica explains the Six Basic kettlebell movements and why kettlebells are better to use than bar and dumbbells.

Why I love a kettlebell workout

Confession time: I am a certified personal trainer.

So how did I balloon up to such an undesirable weight? Stress, a bit of unhappiness about my life. And this…

Newton's laws, Force and Car Seat Belts

I stopped going to the gym except sporadically. I am a bit of a germaphobe.

Germaphobe - Lucia Heffernan

Between the men who spit in the drinking fountain and the people who do not wipe down the equipment when they are done using it, I had had enough. Basically, I have all sorts of excuses as to why I stopped going to the gym, but no good reason for stopping working out. Except for, it started to become harder and harder to move. I had become a body at rest and there was no outside force acting upon me.

I decided to do something about it. I began going to the thrift store and buying used exercise equipment. I started going for walks in my neighborhood. Prior to this I could not put the sock on my right foot. My hip had become too stiff and painful. That, I think, was the breaking point. I could not be the person who was no longer able to dress themselves.

A different kind of problem began to emerge… there was no place for my home gym. I had a bench, a barbell, dumbbells… all getting in the way. I had to set them up and tear them down each time I wanted to workout. Preparing to workout was becoming its own workout. In like easy. I needed something easy.

I had, and still have, a kettlebell. Just a little 10 pounder but still. I found a site on the Internet that had kettlebell workouts for every level of person wishing to workout. I tried some of the workouts and loved them.they are easy to do and FAST. Another confession: I hate to workout. No… I really do. I love the results but it is mindless tedium. Counting to 15 3x in a row- over and over again is not my idea of an exciting morning.

Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to promote, Greg Brookes‘  kettlebell workouts. they are just good workouts you can do quickly and then get on with your day. I started out with his free workouts and then decided to purchase one of his workout packages. I figure I am using his knowledge, a worker is worth his wages so…

His workout plans are economical. They are still cheaper than a yearly gym membership at most clubs AND I am saving gas $$ by not needing to drive to a secondary location to workout.

‘HI’! I’m Greg!  (I pulled this photo from his website without permission so if need be I will take it down upon request).

I love kettlebell workouts because you can workout your whole body with just one.. ONE piece of equipment. This is especially great for people living in small spaces. Many of us are downsizing our lives. Instead of large, clunky equipment taking up so much space, one or two or a few more kettlebells do not take up much room.

I love kettlebell workouts because not only do they work my muscles, these workouts are also giving me the benefits of a cardio workout without spending all that time on a machine. I still go for walks but on days when the air quality outside is bad because of smoke from nearby wildfires, I can still get in a cardio workout using a kettlebell.

I love kettlebell workouts because kettlebells can be an economical purchase if done correctly.

This kettlebell can be yours for a one time financial investment of about $30.00 whereas a gym membership STARTS at about $30.00 per MONTH and goes up from there depending on the amenities you wish to add. Unless you are an extrovert, and the gym is your ‘social club’ Is there really any need for gyms these days?

I love kettlebell workouts because they work your whole body. I completed a 4 minute workout this morning before I began writing this article. I can feel the fatigue in my abs. Yay! My 4 minute workout left me huffing and puffing. If I want a more intense workout, I would just repeat the same workout 2 more times.

I love kettlebell workouts because they are versatile.

I plan to exclusively use kettlebells for my 12 week transformation challenge. I will be posting my progress. I plan to use the same amount of weight for the entire 12 weeks, just 10lbs. If I wish to do a more intensive workout, I will repeat it. I am experimenting along the way, so if I think that the weight has become too easy, I will increase it a bit.

Twelve week is a long time. My challenge takes me into September before it ends. But will it really ever end? Not if I wish to keep the improvements I have made to myself of those 12 weeks.

In order to keep the results of my hard work, I need to keep going.

The dictionary defines ‘fitness’ as a noun. For me, it is a verb. It is active. It must be continuous or it dies. It is not a one time thing you do and you never need to revisit it. Fitness is daily. One must treat their health as they would their job, or someone they love. You cannot neglect it and expect it to remain the same. You must be attentive to, Fitness. Without, Fitness- you have disease.

How do you keep going to keep fit?

Has my article made you curious to try kettlebells? Let me know.