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Let’s talk about Vitamin C, etc.

Hundreds or years ago, and even now in some areas of the world, tea shops and apothecaries shared the same space. Why? Tea was considered medicinal. AND all they all were called tea. Herbal teas were tea and not just the camellia… Read More

The essential oils that I use

I only use NOW essential oils. I have been given oils of other brands and they just sit on my shelf. There are a couple of MLM oil brands on the market. Having worked in other non-e. oil MLMs, I know that… Read More

August month of carnivory

I need a “reset”. How about you? July 31st marks the end of, “birthday season” in my family. As much as I try to stick with the way I eat, it’s not exactly popular especially around people who like to party with… Read More

Kiddie pool garden

This is my BIG, pink, kiddie pool garden. I don’t think most garden centers still have potting soil available this time of year. It could use about five more bags but I can make do with this amount (12-15 bags?). I lost… Read More

I keep trying; nothing works but meat

I made a mistake last week. I had watched a video about soaking beans in an acidic water solution to break down some of the toxins before cooking and eating the beans. I knew about soaking beans in water (You then must… Read More

Div. Liturgies during the week…

Are my favorite!! Today we commemorated, St. John of San Francisco. Read more about him HERE. Liturgies during the week are my favorite. On Sunday, we are at max capacity. It gets a bit too warm for me. Also, the week day… Read More

Vegan recipe for the fast

It is not oil or dairy free. Adjust as you wish. You could omit the oil and just either use the cider vinegar or a lime o lemon squeezed over the salad.  This recipe is from, Lidia’s Italy… that PBS show. Ingredients… Read More

I have a small garden

I feel a bit, Karen Blixen from Out of Africa writing this. In the opening of the movie; Out of Africa, she says, ‘I had a farm in, Africa.’ It was a big deal for her. This garden is a big deal… Read More

Why simplicity matters

I wanted to title this post; Why Tasha Tudor, Townsends, and living simply calls to us but it wouldn’t fit neatly on the title header. Years ago, I heard of some people (people who lived in bigger cities) wanting to change things… Read More

Wild flowers and giant puppies

I have been at my sister’s house lately taking care of the nephew’s giant puppy. My sister had to step out for a while which is why I was watching the dog. The dog was spayed on Friday last. You couldn’t tell… Read More