Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week

The moon is so bright you could probably read by it. The first full moon of Spring marks Passover. The Jewish holiday (remember Christ was born into a Jewish family. He came first for the Jews, was rejected and then adopted the Gentiles. We are the wild olive branches.) Romans 11:17 Now if some of … Continue reading Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week


Understanding the Orthodox Cross

Some how, in my Internet wonderings today, I came across a terrible post by a confused individual who clearly has issues with Christianity and the cross. This person has no real solid information about the cross other than they just know that how Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians revere it is 'satanic'. It is not. … Continue reading Understanding the Orthodox Cross

The beauty of God in His temple

I grew up in churches with wooden pews, stained glass windows (although no specific images in the glass... just colored glass), men in robes, pulpits, etc. On special occasions we would decorate the church with felt banners with scenes pertaining to the season. The closest thing to an icon (except for the Christmas Nativity in … Continue reading The beauty of God in His temple

Please forgive me

This post should have been written last Saturday for forgiveness vespers. I'm jealous. Jealous of successful bloggers and writers. I have been blogging for decades and have very little to show for it. Perhaps because I have such a hard time focusing on any one topic. there are so many interesting things out in the … Continue reading Please forgive me

Ten years ago vs. now challenge

There is a social media challenge going on presently involving people posting photos of themselves 10 years ago along side photos taken recently. The objective is to show how much you have changed. I began looking through old photos and quite frankly, I cannot handle the painful memories associated with many of the photos I … Continue reading Ten years ago vs. now challenge

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night, we didn't have a large number of people in the catecumen class. There were 2-3 people who were actual catecumens and the other 6 were already baptized members of the Orthodox Church. Our priest did a round table discussion for most of the class. "What surprised you the most about the Orthodox Church … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!