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Summer garden report

Colorado is beautiful when it rains. The cactus bloom. Fields that were brown turn green and the wildflowers explode in a riot of colors.It’s all rather amazing, beautiful, and inspiring. A couple months ago, I bought 4 cherry tomato plants from a… Read More

Still reading Matthew

Our church has a small, but awesome book store. Seriously it is top notch!. The other day I wrote about bible studies LINK HERE. BSF or Bible Study Fellowship’s study this year so going to be on Acts and Epistles. When I… Read More

Dormition of Mary icon explained

Kiddie pool garden

This is my BIG, pink, kiddie pool garden. I don’t think most garden centers still have potting soil available this time of year. It could use about five more bags but I can make do with this amount (12-15 bags?). I lost… Read More

Jesus heals the woman with the issue of blood

Can you imagine bleeding your whole entire life? Not only that, but because your culture believes that a woman’s menstruation is a cures, you cannot go to church (synagogue) as long as you are bleeding. You are entirely cut off form your… Read More