Truth and transparency

brow rabbit
Photo by Valentin Petkov from Unsplash

I have been having a hard time dropping the weight I gained over Thanksgiving. I wish I could say I perfectly handled the holidays but, well, I did not. I have been extremely stressed out, and emotional, since the election. While I am not binge eating as I have in the past, carbs are still my go-to drug of choice. Also, I have not been exercising as much as I know I need to in order to lose and maintain my weight loss.

The difference between this weight gain and past weight gains is; I am NOT throwing in the towel this time. It is not the falling down that puts us back where we started; it is the not getting back up, and keeping going that puts back at zero.

Keep going. Get back on that horse when you fall off. Losing weight is not easy, keeping it off feels even harder. But none of it is as hard as being obese. Even missing a couple of workout days can set you back. Getting back in the groove can be difficult but the longer it takes, the harder it becomes. I have been doing walks, but not intense weight training until last night. As I said I am eating too many carbs so it’s back to the original eating plan.

How did you do over Thanksgiving? Do you need to get back into your workout and eating groove? Try to get going again today. You can do this.

Is my transparency off putting or does it help you in your fitness journey to know someone writing about their successes also has struggles?