Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Rough sketch of flower by Melissa Bishop all rights reserved

Years ago, I got into art. I painted a still life, I TRIED to paint like Bob Ross which is surprisingly difficult and messy. Who has room like that to create such a mess AND who has the bank to buy a gazillion brushes to switch out for different colors? For me, Bob was more fun to watch than to emulate. I like Gary Jenkins stuff better and yes, I painted a few roses too.

I then got into botanical art. Loved it! Oh my. I am a botanical art junkie. To the point where I took a couple classes up at a Botanic Gardens 100miles away. What a nightmare driving in big city traffic! But i did it. then, my hands started to ache more and more and I would wake up at night with such excruciating pain radiating from my fingers up to my elbow on my right hand it would bring me to tears. I’d have to run into the bathroom to not wake up my husband with all the wincing and crying I would do.

I started eating the carnivore diet. Actually it is called the Lion Diet because all you eat is meat, salt, and water (sometimes my water has been infused with coffee beans but don’t tell anyone.

In about three days the inflammation in my hands reduced enough to where I could do some occasional drawing, writing, etc. Nothing too heavy mind you but enough to be happy to be able to do it. Today, I stopped in at a local arts supply store and bought a watercolor sketch book and a watercolor brush. The kind with the water reservoir in the handle.

I just ordered some mini water color pans to hold paint (12mmx12mm) someone had 3D printed and was selling on etsy. I barely got started in watercolor and botanical art and it all came to a screeching halt. But I’m going to get going on it again!

White Lady GIFs | Tenor
I’m a bit excited about it, yes I am!

I guess 53 is not a terrible age to start a thing. Grandma Moses was much older and she did alright, I’d say.