Carnivore 75 hard begins today


I realize it is VERY short notice. I just learned about it myself. For those interested be careful. There are those of you who might dump too fast and too hard which can cause complications and even death. Yes, I said death. Your body is so full of toxins from plants that a sudden dump of those toxins into your system can really do some damage.

What to do? Educate yourself and go at your own pace. This 75 day challenge can be modified to suit you where you are now. Yes, it is motivational, it is challenging but most of all make it flexible to YOU.

This challenge takes us to Jan.1 with the goal of a noticeable transformation with which to start the New Year.

That’s right. While friends and family are horking down sweets, and over indulging, during the holidays and packing on pounds, you are not (hopefully).

Instead of sugary snacks, you walk into the party already having eaten a steak or some other animal product so that you are full and not susceptible to temptations. Instead of an alcohol drink, you are enjoying sparkling water with a twist.

When everyone else is passed out after Thanksgiving dinner, you go for a walk through the neighborhood and feel refreshed.

There are so many small changes you can do that will add up and create wonderful changes for your health.

Take a good, honest look at your daily habits right now and determine which are the worst and need to be addressed first.

Addictions; smoking, drinking, porn, sex, food, gossip, etc.

Sloth; when was the last time you moved… aside from walking to the toilet? Start with a walk everyday. Ten to fifteen minutes.

Gratitude; write it down.

Discipline; it’s not just for those in the military. Ideas to exercise discipline; get to where you are going on time or even early. Stop driving stupid and selfish and stop yelling and cussing at people in traffic. Learn about stoicism and maybe try doing some of what you read.

Depression and weight gain are cyclical. They feed off of one another. There has been a lot to be upset about the last 2 years or so. Finding healthy ways to deal with adversity is good goal! Getting healthy is a good goal!

You do not need to train as if you want to climb a mountain but try to find at least three things you can adjust for a healthier you.

Feel free to talk about the changes you wish to make in comments for this post.

You can find more information on FB under #carnivore75hard

Daily carnivore

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven - {Crispy Baked Bacon} - Kristine's Kitchen

One of the first things someone new to the carnivore way of eating (WOE) needs to realize is; as with everything in life, there is controversy, differing opinions, criticism, and judgement with this way of life. Keep in mind that this is YOUR diet. No matter how many people eat this way (and there are many, many, people who do), no matter what ‘experts’ tell you you should do, you are only going to stick with this woe if you are able to do it and see/feel results. So if you need to eat bacon everyday, do it. If you need to eat 12 eggs everyday, do it. If you cannot function without coffee do it but keep in mind everything has a connection to something. Meaning, there is a higher level of histamine (a chemical some people are sensitive to) in bacon than other meat. Coffee and dairy can have certain affects on certain people. Read, read, read, and experiment! This is your body. This is your health journey. People are going to contribute their opinions but no one is the boss of you or your health journey. Not even your spouse or family.

I have always found it interesting when obese people and people who are ill because of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and being in the medical system give out dietary and health advice. Do they not have mirrors? Do they not realize that how they feel is not normal nor healthy?

The carnivore woe is animal based. The percentage is up to you but the higher your percentage of animal based eating the more successful you will be at healing… to a point. I saw to a point because while your body detoxes form decades of crappy eating and yes… I include eating vegetables and drinking smoothies as part of the crappy way of eating that toxified your body. It’s not just highly processed foods that are detrimental to our physical and mental health. We have been fed a lie that vegetables are healthy and good for us. They are not.

Someone on social media posted about how eating carnivore ruined their relationship with food. I am mending that and saying no, it was how the ‘powers-that-be’ allowed American food to become; over processed, addictive, lacking in nutrition, and flooded with harmful chemicals from farming, and turning cooking and eating into entertainment that ruined our relationship with food. This was all done in the name of profiting from illness and addiction. It is not beef that has ruined the planet but unchecked greed.

Eating meat is going to reset your body. It will remember how it was made to function. Eating food in neon colors is not normal. Mono-cropping is not normal and is bad for the planet. Animals exist to provide food, and clothing for people. THIS is the natural order of things.

Want to be healthier? First take a good, honest look at your diet. Change whatever is not working for you instead of continuing down an unhealthy path and waiting for it to work for you, take charge of yourself!

If you have been plant based or plant heavy in your eating style, go slow. Add in a steak everyday and an egg or two. Remove from your menu all dark leafy greens and/or all white foods such as potatoes, rice, beans grains, and legumes. Be sure to drink enough water. Stop drinking soft drinks fruit juices, green smoothies, etc.

Keep a food diary. Note what works and what does not.

Good luck… keep going!





Carnivore Meat Up!

My breakfast, pork tenderloin.

Last night, I, and five other amazing, strong women gathered at a local fast-food Mexican restaurant to meet each other and give one another support in walking a healthier life path. It was amazing. I had a great time meeting these beautiful, strong women doing what they need to do to become a healthier (perhaps healthiest) version of themselves.

I have eaten the carnivore way off and on for several years. I need to buckle down and keep going. I tend to stop when I do too much ‘dumping’ which is pretty much what it sounds like. You see, as we go along in life eating toxic plants; kale, beans, grains, legumes, etc. the toxins in plants accumulate in our organs and fat cells. When you stop eating them your body does what is called, ‘dumping’ to rid itself of all of those toxic plant chemicals.

A photo from my honeymoon in Dec. of 2004. Don’t let the smile fool you. I was very ill in that photo. I almost died before getting married that year!

I have struggled with my health my whole life. Eating meat is not about pleasure or luxury. It is about survival. People like Bill Gates and radical vegans want to take away my right to a healthy life. I will fight for my right for freedom of choice in my kitchen!

I should, as a free citizen, be able to decide the right course of wellness that best suits me. Eating fake meat, and toxic plant matter is not the best choice for my body. To that end, I renewed my commitment to eating carnivore. The ladies in the meat up last night were very inspirational. Many good testimonials on improved wellness were shared as well as tips and recipes.

Tired of being tired? Looking for a way toward optimum health? The carnivore diet just might be the answer but you will never know until you give it a go.

There are groups on FB and people to follow on IG.

Come on over to IG and give me a follow @melissabishopco or @kelly_hogan91 @carnivoremd2.0 (IG keeps censoring him because darn it! Healthy meat heals people.) @shawnbaker1967. You might even discover someone to follow I have not yet met.

The food industry is fraught with lies to sell, sell, sell. Eating meat is good for you, and no one needs to eat a vegetable EVER are truth!

Carnivore diet and art-ing/Nature Journal

Rough sketch of flower by Melissa Bishop all rights reserved

Years ago, I got into art. I painted a still life, I TRIED to paint like Bob Ross which is surprisingly difficult and messy. Who has room like that to create such a mess AND who has the bank to buy a gazillion brushes to switch out for different colors? For me, Bob was more fun to watch than to emulate. I like Gary Jenkins stuff better and yes, I painted a few roses too.

I then got into botanical art. Loved it! Oh my. I am a botanical art junkie. To the point where I took a couple classes up at a Botanic Gardens 100miles away. What a nightmare driving in big city traffic! But i did it. then, my hands started to ache more and more and I would wake up at night with such excruciating pain radiating from my fingers up to my elbow on my right hand it would bring me to tears. I’d have to run into the bathroom to not wake up my husband with all the wincing and crying I would do.

I started eating the carnivore diet. Actually it is called the Lion Diet because all you eat is meat, salt, and water (sometimes my water has been infused with coffee beans but don’t tell anyone.

In about three days the inflammation in my hands reduced enough to where I could do some occasional drawing, writing, etc. Nothing too heavy mind you but enough to be happy to be able to do it. Today, I stopped in at a local arts supply store and bought a watercolor sketch book and a watercolor brush. The kind with the water reservoir in the handle.

I just ordered some mini water color pans to hold paint (12mmx12mm) someone had 3D printed and was selling on etsy. I barely got started in watercolor and botanical art and it all came to a screeching halt. But I’m going to get going on it again!

White Lady GIFs | Tenor
I’m a bit excited about it, yes I am!

I guess 53 is not a terrible age to start a thing. Grandma Moses was much older and she did alright, I’d say.

Something new and a bit scary

I feel such a strong affinity toward the Myrrh Bearing Women. They knew about herbs, and essential oils. They went, in the dark, to Jesus’ tomb to properly prepare His body for burial (that is how we know the tomb was empty). These women were incredibly brave. Their beloved leader had just been brutally murdered after being betrayed. People were angry and fearful yet… they went.

How does the story of these brave women relate to us today? The knowledge these women possesed about herbs and essential oils went beyond knowing how to prepare a body for burial. These women were healers. Generations of knowledge about plants and their healing properties were passed on to them and most likely from them to the next generation of healers. These women would have treated not only their families but likely their friends and families as well. These women treated the ailments of the people in their community. Plants heal and they do so in various ways, in various forms. This pathway of healing is not new. It is ancient, it is effective, and it works well with other forms of healing now considered to be ‘alternative’.

For years now, I have been dealing with health issues. I tried allopathic medicine (Listen to pronunciation. (A-loh-PA-thik MEH-dih-sin) A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery.), to no avail. I turned to what is commonly known as, ‘alternative medicine’ and my healthy, and quality of life greatly improved. I strongly believe that had I not done this, I would have deteriorated the the point of near death, if not actual death.

I have not been blogging much because I have been busy studying. I have completed my first, crystal healing course and am working toward other certifications. I am already a certified herbalist. I think these other courses I am taking are natural extensions of what are ancient, and proven viable, was of healing.

Our western culture has been effectively ‘convinced’ that the only way to heal is through science. Holistic therapies are intuitive, empathic, non-invasive pathways of healing. I believe, in the deepest part of me, that holistic healing is the closest thing to healing the way, Jesus healed. Jesus used, and still uses, energy to heal us. Jesus healed people when He was not supposed to, on the Sabbath, with dirt and spit, by telling people not to sin, etc.

I am studying Chinese Traditional Medicine, reflexology, color-therapy, and a few other ways of healing that i am excited to share with you… all in good time.

I plan to present videos to you on how to use these pathways of healing for yourself and your family. We’ll see how well that goe son Youtube. If need be, I will switch to Vimeo.

Presently, my healing ways are not official sanctioned by my priest or church. I do not feel the need to ‘get permission’ to do the thing God has called me to do. This means that although I am an Orthodox Christian, my work is not acknowledged or affiliated with The Church in any way at this time. things may change but as I said, I will do what the Lord has called me to do. Sadly, I have read, and listened to, more priests endorsing modern medicine than these more gentle, and natural ways of healing. It greatly saddens me to see them turning their backs on the beautiful, nautral world God created, and filled with everything we could ever need, in favor of The incredibly invasive, and chemically charged world of medicine.

Part of my Youtube channel, and this blog, will include book reviews, information on herbal remedies and essential oils, nutrition, and other ways of self-care and healing pathways. Some of you are going to be quite challenged by this information. You have been told these things are wrong for Christians to use but few of the naysayers have any real, convincing (at least not convincing to me) arguments as to why they should not be used by Christians.

Being ill is horrible enough on its own, why must Christians suffer even more be being fed into the medical system? Why is THAT of all things part of being a ‘good Christian’?

If you suffer from some sort of chronic illness, ask yourself this: “How well has the medical establishment served me?” If you feel that you have been taken care of very well by it all then obviously this information I shall be sharing is not for you. If however, you feel you could benefit from learning more about the healing power of plants, crystals, alternative nutrition choices, movement, etc.- you are very welcome to join us here, and on Youtube at; Woman of Myrrh and Light. I have renamed my channel to reflect this new change in topic. HOWEVER the information is coming. I am preparing something special that will debut with the story of The Myrrh Bearing Women. So hang in there and watch this space for more information.

John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.