This dog almost died today from over vaccination

I held her in my arms as my sister and I raced to the vet to save her. She made it, but just barely. As soon as she arrived home form the vet from having her; rabies, parvo and distemper vaccines, she… Read More

What is the REAL reason behind your veganism?

Yesterday marked the beginning of the season before lent/Pascha known as the Triodion. The briefest of descriptions I can give of the story is: The Pharisee prayed loud and proud for all to hear. He was showing off how ‘holy’ he was… Read More

Are we making ourselves obsolete?

I like to gather stories. From episodic t.v. to the people I encounter daily, I like to steep in their stories. They are the little satchels of tea, I am the hot water. Transformed into something better after each encounter. Now, I… Read More

Illuminated Alphabet Workshop

Perhaps some day I will be proficient enough to create something so wondrous, but today is not that day. Yesterday, I participated in an Illuminated Alphabet workshop held at my temple in our dining hall. I’m hooked. The city in which I… Read More