10 reasons to drink Ningxia Red by, Young Living everyday

In my continuing quest for improved health, and to keep myself as able as possible to fend of viruses, part of my health regimen involves a commitment of drinking Ningxia Red everyday and today is my first day.

My bottles just arrived and I am joining the team challenge to drink Ningxia Red everyday. I am also taking the,

Supports joint health*
Supports recovery time of joints after exercise*
Supports normal range of motion*
Supports bone health*
Supports normal metabolic functions and circulation*
Aids the immune system*
Supports hair and skin health*

For hair and skin health among other benefits. See list in caption.

Back to the Ningxia Red. Here are the ten reasons to drink it everyday:

  1. It boosts your immune system. Something to think about as we move back inside for the fall and winter months that are coming.
  2. It is an antioxidant.
  3. Supports normal eye health.
  4. Supports healthy digestion.
  5. Can boost energy levels without caffeine.
  6. Supports whole body health and wellness.
  7. Supports normal cellular function.
  8. May be beneficial in obtaining, and maintaining a healthy weight.
  9. Supports cardiovascular and circulatory wellness (hello my diabetic friends).
  10. May help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Some of these descriptions have been taken from the Young Living website.

This is a 30 day challenge. I still need to take before photos of my hair. At the end of 2003 and into 2004, I became quite ill and almost died. My hair fell out in clumps. It started to recover-ish and then I had cataract surgery a few years ago. The doctor put me on steroid eye drops which caused many issues with my health that I am still working on overcoming. One of which is hair-loss. I sometimes feel little hairs poking me when I rest my arm on top of my head. Either they are breaking off or growing back. I think they are trying to grow back but my hair line looks like an east coast shore line after a hurricane. It keeps receding.

If you would like to join me in my 30-day Ningxia challenge, you may do so by following this LINK and shopping for Ningxia Red. If you are asked for it, my member number is 30194809.

The fact about trying out new plans to improve health is that you do not know if it will work until you try. I cannot make any guarantees nor predict how this supplement will benefit you, or that it will. It all comes down to how ill you are, how much healing your body needs to do and if you are diligent in taking it everyday as directed. In other words, it only works as well as you are committed to being well.

Wellness is not a spectator sport. Contrary to the dictionary, wellness is not a noun… it is a verb. It is a state of being well achieved through active participation. You do not simply read about things to do to feel better, you experiment and find a wellness path that works for you.

I cannot read about supplements and hope that through osmosis they make me well. No, I must work out which supplements are the most beneficial for me and then take them on a regular basis.

If you wish to explore your wellness path, let us do so together.


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That is the number of pounds… lbs, that i have dropped since the 27th of October. thrity-eight .8 total since July. Why did it take so long to drop those first 14.8 pounds? Effort. Plain and simple.

My eating got a bit out of control during the first lockdown of Covid. I’m sure no one else out there can relate.

Binge GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

It was as if I was trying to make my caloric intake match my stress levels. Not good. Especially not good when the clothing stores in my area began to go out of business. Trying to buy clothes on the internet is difficult especially when the Chinese size guide thinks plus size is anything over a size 8!

I desperately needed to make changes in my weight. All of us have more riding on our health than we might be able to imagine. I do not want to compromise my health with food. I do not want to be useless to myself, or to others because I could not find a better way to manage my stress than by shoving food into my face.

I decided desperate times call for desperate measures. I had been doing ok on my own. Those first 14 pounds didn’t just fall off on their own. I figured since psychiatrists went to therapists and in the world of Kung fu (I know right?) even the masters have masters, I decided to ask a friend of mine, who is also a personal trainer, to put me on a meal plan and draw up a workout plan. I told her what workout equipment I have and she got to work. A few days later, I was looking at a meal plan that made my heart sink… but gave me hope. I knew my eating was out of control so of course the first thing to do is clean up that diet. What I didn’t realize is many of the things I thought were healthy (dolmas- 80 calories each) were not.

How to Make Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves) Recipe
These are dolmas. They are only about 2 inches long but FULL of calories!

Even things like chia seeds, flax seeds and supplements can quickly add calories to your day. Just the three powders I added to my coffee everyday increased the caloric content by 130 calories! Those calories plus the calories in what you eat for breakfast can quickly add up. Every calorie counts… every single one.

Here are a few tips for you (if you’d like) to help you be more mindful when eating.

  1. Keep a log of what you eat. I know this can be tedious and boring but boy howdy can it be an eye opener.
  2. Count every calorie that goes into your mouth. You may think this is redundant to keeping a food log but you might, like I was, not be considering the calories in supplements, or the calories in a handful of some snack you grabbed as you walked past it. Tis the season for snacking goodness. How many mini-candy bars do you eat per day without taking notice or keeping track? id you grab a handful of nuts or chex mix to munch on while you paid the bills? It adds up. It adds up faster than you thought.
  3. Measure, measure, measure. You might think you know what a serving size looks like but not if all you do is eat take-out or processed food. It is easy to sit and eat a bag of chips. Measure out a single serving size and eat it with a big glass of water.
  4. Snack calories count so count those snacks. This might seem obvious but maybe not so much. How many time shave you sat and eaten a snack, mindless of the amount of calories it contained, then asked yourself… ‘What’s for dinner?’. Whatever snack you just ate most likely contained the same amount of calories, or more, to equal your dinner. You can either over eat additional ‘dinner’ calories adding to what you just ate, or you can use it as a teachable moment and go without dinner and save some calories.
  5. Go on a site such as Pinterest and look for fit bodies which you would like to emulate. Make a page/board you can go to for inspiration.
  6. Find new. POSITIVE, ways of dealing with your emotions. Start keeping a journal. Workout when you are upset or go for a walk. Walking, and working out in general, have a positive impact on your mental health.
  7. Drink more water. Drink enough water during the day (usually about a gallon) so that you are visiting the bathroom on a regular basis. Sweating and urination are two great ways to remove toxins from our bodies. Tears, urine, and sweat are made up of the same thing. They just vary in their levels of concentration.
  8. Eat more vegetables with every meal. replace white potatoes with green veggies or sweet potatoes. Corn and bananas are basically sugar. Avoid them.
  9. Get a grip on your eating now or you will gain even more weight during the holidays, adding to your lockdown weight.
  10. Go to Pinterest and look for healthy recipes. Avoid recipes such as ‘keto’ bread or ‘paleo’ brownies.

The other two things I learned over the last couple of weeks is, I was not working out hard enough, and I really don’t need a gym membership to lose weight. I do need equipment, but buying my own equipment and setting up a workout area at home has really paid off.

Here is a list of my equipment I use. It was bought over time. Not all at once. Look at it like this; buying items to use to workout at home is a lot cheaper than: chronic illness (have you priced prescriptions lately?), it is cheaper than covid-19 treatment (many of the people being hit hardest by the pandemic or obese and have other health issues related to their weight), it is cheaper than a gym membership (in the long, and short run), you get to workout and use your own shower, you don’t have to haul around a gym bag, you don’t need a lock for a locker or to keep track of a key or membership card, you can workout at home and not have to deal with traffic trying to get to the gym, you don’t have to worry about being stared at or hit on while you workout, the list goes on but the best part of saving money with an at home gym is your family not needing to come up with the money for your funeral you died while still in your fifties.

Here are some tips for working out for a better result.

  1. Workout smarter. This means pay attention to your body. When a workout you have done before becomes too easy, it is time to either use heavier weights, more reps, or try slow, controlled reps. Our bodies adapt quickly to physical stresses placed upon them. As odd as it may sound, you need to trick your body sometime sin order to get it to do what you want.
  2. Your cardio might need to be more intense. A mosey on the treadmill is not going to cut it for very long when it comes to weight loss. You can do circuit training which is when you combine weights and cardio to achieve more caloric burn. (Look it up and find a workout you can do.). If you walk outside, try to either go farther in the same amount of time or do your normal route faster. You should be short of breath but able to talk when doing cardio. This is measurement used when you do not have fancy heart rate monitors or fitness watches. Check out the image for more information.
5-Week Calorie-Blasting HIIT Walking Program | Walking | MyFitnessPal
In order to see changes in your physique, your cardio intensity should be about a 7-8. Your warm up about up to the 4-6 marker.

3. Do not be afraid of training with weights. Muscles burn more calories than fat, even at rest. This is important because you want your body to burn calories efficiently even when you are not working out. One of the reasons why we stay fat is because fat cells do not burn calories, muscle cells do. Muscles are important for daily living. It is not vanity to workout with weights and build muscles.

4. If your budget allows, hire a personal trainer for one month. Be upfront with her and tell her why you hired her and what you want to accomplish. You do not need to hire a trainer for the rest of your life. Let them know you wish to be educated on how to workout and eat right. Then maybe do a follow up session once a month or once every couple of months to evaluate how you are doing and what needs tweaking in your program. This is money well spent. I wish companies and insurance companies would do this more as part of wellness programs.

5. Plan for success. Have a shopping list when you go to the grocery store and stick to it. Avoid going down the temptation aisles. Only buy enough fresh produce that you know you will eat before it goes bad. Except for corn and white potatoes, buy produce you will eat. Avoid creamy dressings or using too much dressing. Calories hide everywhere! Plan your workouts a week in advance so that you know what is coming and can plan for it.

6. Stay motivated. Don’t give up.

7. Look for fitness and work out plans on the Internet and adjust them to your fitness level. Yes, you can find ‘The Rock’s’ workout plan on [interest but chances are that if you are at a beginner or intermediate fitness level you will not be able to use as heavy of weights as he does. Adjust the weights down to your level so that you can complete a full workout. Remember, even ‘The Rock’ has to workout to keep up those muscles AND he was not born looking like that. You are looking at decades of hard work in the gym which brings us to our final tip…

8. Do not become discouraged. Dwayne Johnson did not build his physique in a day and neither will you. You did not become out of shape in a day nor will you reclaim your health in a day. No matter what, you will not accomplish any goal if you do not get started so START!! TODAY!!

Thursday's Workout in 2020 | The rock workout, Pop workouts, Chest workouts

This article is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice. Please consult your physician before beginning any fitness program.

Let’s talk about supplements & insulin glucose sensativity

three chocolate-coated donuts with sprinkles
Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

America is such a prosperous nation that we can afford to eat for entertainment. Not because we are hungry. Not to fuel a workout or to recover from a workout but just because it is fun, or we are celebrating something, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat. I especially love to eat junk food. Make no mistake, most of the foods I, and millions of other Americans love to eat, IS junk.

This is one of the reasons why it is so hard for us to eat plan, good whole, natural food and to drink plain water.

Our taste buds have been indoctrinated with something called, ‘the bliss point’. Food that is hyper tasty is the best and briefest explanation I can give. Many of the same people who would never put a GMO food into their mouth, or do illegal drugs, willingly eat preserved and fast food which in many cases is just as addictive, if not more, as certain drugs.

The bad food goes into our bodies and produces undesired affects such as inflammation and insulin glucose insensitivity (insulin resistance). Insulin resistance causes obesity. Your body floods with too much insulin until it has no where to go but into your fat cells. Increasing insulin sensitivity can reduce the amount of fat you carry on your body.

Before I go too much farther I need to write this disclaimer; please talk to your doctor before taking nay supplements listed here. I cannot diagnose or recommend anything to you. All I can do i make you aware of what is out there. The rest is up to you.

Let me be honest with you now… my husband is a Type 2 diabetic. I have watched him go through hell with this disease and I have gone through it with him. He is not just dealing with diabetes but all of the other ugly issues that go hand-in-hand with this insidious disease.

I realize that Covid-19 is no joke and I grieve with those who have suffered through it and who have lost loved ones to it. The amount of media given over to this disease has been incredible. I have to wonder the impact to obesity levels in America if there was as much time and treasure devoted to educating people about food related illness as we have on Covid-19?

Every night at dinner-time, ads start playing on t.v. to entice people to buy food and have it delivered to their homes. Not healthy food, of course, but highly processed garbage.

Can you imagine how different food commercials would be if food companies had to do disclaimers in their commercials like drug companies do?

Why do agencies such as; American Diabetes Association, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and American Heart Association just to name a few, actually used their money and influence to pass laws to reveal the dangers of junk food during commercials?

Standing Ovation Cma Awards GIF by The 52nd Annual CMA Awards - Find &  Share on GIPHY
A standing ovation for my brilliant idea. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Two major factors in creating insulin insensitivity are; inflammation, and ingesting too much glucose for your body to ingest. Glucose is the sugar found in carbohydrates. While i have been a proponent of high fat low carb diets, you CAN eat carbs in moderation and it depends on the type of carb. However, most people with insulin issues are also addicted to carbs/sugar and moderation and portion control are foreign concepts to many people suffering from food related illness. If they could control their carb intake they would not be sick and fat.

My first recommendation would be to investigate the low carb diets that are out there and pick one that works for you.

Next, I am listing the various supplements down below. There are 12. I am not going to go into a great amount of detail with them… or any detail really because you must do your own research. This is YOUR body. Learn about it. It is fascinating!

  1. Green Tea Extract or GTE. I use Nature’s Bounty. The name on the label is; Green Coffee Bean. It contains; green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and raspberry ketones.
  2. Chromium & polyphenols from cinnamon. A liquid extract is recommended. I do not use a liquid extract. I use a cinnamon/chromium combo and it is amazing.
  3. N-3 essential fatty acids. (Basically, fish oils) I take a supplement but I also am one of those people who actually like sardines. I will make a lettuce salad, drizzle the oil from the sardine can all over the leaves of lettuce then scrape out the sardine flesh on to the salad. I finish it off with some persimmon vinegar and I have a tasty meal. I also put those tiny black caviar on my cottage cheese. Don’t throe up on your keyboard. It’s actually pretty good.
  4. DHEA- it is recommended that it be taken at bedtime.
  5. Vitamin D. Most people are deficient. Do your research.
  6. Magnesium. a doctor gave me a recipe for taking magnesium; take a 2 liter bottle of seltzer water, add 3tablespoons of unflavored milk of magnesia to the seltzer water (be careful it fizzes!) you made add natural flavorings or natural sweetener but since we are trying to reduce glucose levels I don’t recommend using sweetener. Buck up and drink it straight. One 1/2 cup twice per day is what my doctor ordered.
  7. CoQ10
  8. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  9. GABA
  10. CLA
  11. Yacon
  12. White bean extract.

I think supplements are great. I even have my own recipes for glucose reducing teas made from herbs. They work great. I was able to use them last year when my glucose levels were out of control. They brought my levels down 30-60 points (tested on my blood glucose monitor) IT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITOR and test their blood every morning and perhaps after meals (1 hour) depending on what they are eating. This is a good idea for people from those who are carrying a bit too much weight to those who are obese. Many people are walking around prediabetic and have no idea about it. Your muscles and bones can only hold so much glucose. When they become overwhelmed the glucose is stored in your fat cells causing you to gain weight. Supplementation & working out, combined with eating foods lower in carbs and eating actual REAL food, have been shown to reduce glucose levels.

Supplements are no substitute for a bad diet. What they CAN do is help carry you forward toward a healthier lifestyle. They can only do so much. YOU Must take responsibility for what you eat and how little or how much exercise you get each day… EACH DAY. Did you get that? Your health is a daily activity that needs your attention EVERYDAY.

Commit to a healthier you BEFORE the New Year comes. You do not need to make a resolution for 2021 before you can get started on your personal journey toward better health. Tomorrow is a great day to begin your transformation.

There are only 14 weeks left in 2020. What are you going to do with them?