Why we must talk about Christian persecution & then do something about it

DACHAU 1945: The Souls of All are Aflame! The Dachau concentration camp was opened in 1933 in a former gunpowder factory. During the twelve years of the camp’s existence, over 200,000 prisoners were brought there. The majority of prisoners at Dachau were… Read More

Les Miserables

I stumbled upon the, PBS/Masterpiece production of Les Mis√©rables a few weeks ago. I jumped at the chance to watch it hoping it would not be another musical adaptation… a-hem. And blessedly, it was not. This version that PBS has produced is… Read More

Jesus in the garden- Orthodox Holy Week Pt. 3

I’ve been up since 3:00 it is now about 3:40. The moon is still bright. I’m thinking about Christ praying in the garden of Gethsemane last night. Just a few hours ago after He celebrated Passover dinner with his remaining disciples. There… Read More

Welcome to Orthodox Holy Week

The moon is so bright you could probably read by it. The first full moon of Spring marks Passover. The Jewish holiday (remember Christ was born into a Jewish family. He came first for the Jews, was rejected and then adopted the… Read More

Why be a monastic? (I)

via Why be a monastic? (I) I can’t help but wonder if American Orthodox parents talk to their children about being monastics? I see in the article that many monastics had to go through flames to get to their monasteries. America is… Read More

Stop shedding blood ‘for Christ’

In light of what is happening around the world, what has been happening, I am highlighting today the lives of two Russian princes: Sts. Boris and Gleb.¬† Please read all of the articles. They are very informative and I cannot do them… Read More

Please forgive me

This post should have been written last Saturday for forgiveness vespers. I’m jealous. Jealous of successful bloggers and writers. I have been blogging for decades and have very little to show for it. Perhaps because I have such a hard time focusing… Read More

Orthodox Christians read their bibles

  As I journeyed toward Orthodoxy and told people about it; my ex-Roman Catholic father, and mother who is the grand-daughter of a Lutheran pastor, friends who knew nothing about Orthodoxy except the wrong information they had been fed or was easiest… Read More

Orthodoxy continually shows us how, Jesus restores women after the fall

If you think women should continue to be persecuted, and thought of as, ‘less than’ men because of what happened in the garden of Eden, think again… after reading an Orthodox Christian bible. For a Christian church with an undeserved reputation for… Read More

Adult reading program at my library

Every year during winter, my local library holds an adult reading program. There is a themed mug every participant receives upon completion of the program. A record is kept of the books you read and that record goes into a drawing for… Read More