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Housekeeping Memes
  1. I discovered some timeline issues within the story from the book chapters I had been posting. yeah, I know. therefore, no book chapters until I get this ball of yarn untangled! If ever.
  2. Reading Orthodox stuff is hard. Like… super hard. Even when you’re just reading someone’s biography you can run into some meaty things you need to chew 100 times before moving along. What does this mean for you who are blessedly reading Elder Thaddeus with me? It means that there is going to be a slight delay in getting started. HOWEVER; some of the points we will see repeated in his book are: acquiring a spirit of; peace, prayer, and love towards one another. These are a good head start/sneak peak at what you can expect from his book.
  3. I want a dog. (Not at all blog related up I’m putting it out there anyway.) I have never owned my own dog. Cat? yes. But not a dog. Sigh. Maybe when I get to heaven?
  4. I’m not dieting or working out right now and it shows. If someone were to ask me what my favorite food is right now it would be…
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5. I made cream soda vanilla ice cream floats this afternoon for dessert. I regret nothing.

I think this is all for now. I hope you are all well. Let me know if you need prayer. All comments must be cleared and approved for posting. This means that no comment that contains a prayer request will be seen by eyes other than mine… and our guardians angels, Jesus, Holy Spirit, God, saints, you know… the usual crowd.

A bit of everyday glamour

I am sure you have seen those ladies who always look put together. They are ready for anything at anytime.

I see them when I am out running errands. Older women in particular who never leave the house without a face full of make up or at least their, ‘lips on’, meaning they are wearing lipstick always.

I on the other hand have been known to shovel snow off of the driveway in my pj’s and house slippers. I’m not going anywhere so why bother? What does it matter? Why put in the effort?

If you are a Downton Abby fan, you know that these ‘rich people’ dressed for everything. Just as there is an appropriate piece of cutlery for every dish, there is an equally appropriate outfit for every occasion.

Going riding, there’s an outfit for that. Fishing? Hunting? Going for a picnic? You know there is something cute to wear for all of that, for every activity. But what about the stay-at-home woman?

I follow The Darling Academy blog run by Alena Pettigrew, the British housewife making waves with her positivity and enjoyment, yes actual enjoyment at being a housewife. Not a working mom, a housewife. She stays home and takes care of everything else while her husband brings home the bacon.

How to be a perfect '50s housewife: In the kitchen - Click Americana
Image NOT from Alena’s post. Image from, Click Americana

The other day, she wrote about women wearing dresses. It has inspired me to wear dresses more. After all, housewives from the past did everything, if not more due to a lack of modern conveniences, that we do today but they did it in a dress and with their hair and make up done to some extent everyday.

Putting oneself together for the day is an effort. It is an effort I don’t usually do unless I am visiting a client. The other day I was getting ready to go out and I was amazed at the effort required just to look as if I had not fallen out of bed and crawled to my car!

If Your Illness Means You Basically Live in Pajamas, These 13 Memes Are for  You
work from home meme - Exellys Stories

To that end, making the effort daily to do hair and make up and dress like a woman everyday, or as many days in a row as possible, I went shopping online yesterday and purchased 2 skirts, 2 dresses, an assortment of small scarves for hair or neck, a couple of purses and 2 tops. I shop cheap y’all. I can’t afford to pay top dollar for anything so I went to Shein and picked up all of that for the price some people would pay for one shirt on sale at Nordstroms or wherever they sell expensive shirts. There will be a fashion show of the items I bought.

How about you? Are you interested in getting back to your beautiful self… whatever that looks like? Are you interested in wearing skirts/dresses more, or exclusively? I almost have myself convinced but that really depends on if we can get the swamp cooler working this summer or not. I know, I’m wimpy, but comfort matters. For now, I think I will get going on the ‘dress challenge’. I own dresses and skirts already, I just wanted some new pink things for spring. I wanted to update the wardrobe. Its been while since I bought any new clothes.

I think these days we have all become so casual that dressing the way people did in the past seems like too much. It seems special and well… it IS special. Are you not worth that specialness? Dressing like a grown up is a gift you give to yourself. No hoodies, no sweats, no leggins or yoga pants. A skirt. A nice blouse. Perhaps a dress. Some accessories. Hair curled, combed, whatever, and make up on with earrings and any other jewelry you wish to add. Your home and family are your community. You have/had standards at work. You dressed for those people you worked with, why not for your family? Why not put the same effort in for yourself?

Anyone else want to join me for the adventure? A dress a day in 2021?

Laundry and trash day

Tips to Your Fastest Laundry Day Ever | Blog Beyond Beauty

Monday’s are trash day. They are also the day I clean our clothes.

I think Mondays are laundry days for many homes. This is not a sponsored post but I thought I would share some of my laundry tips and what I use just in case it might benefit someone.

I use Seventh Generation laundry detergent.

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Natural Free & Clear Ultra ...

I received some samples from a friend of my sister, and I have been hooked ever since. For most loads I also add this:

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Crisp Linen, 12.5oz - Walmart.com ...My mom bought some for me when the Covid lockdown began.

I also use this:

Amazon.com : Lenor Spring Awakening Softener, 650 ml, 26 WASHES ... which I buy from the German deli/bakery down the street. Certain fabric softeners make my allergies act up and can burn my and my husband’s skin. We have not had any issues using any of these products.

My laundry turns out clean and smelling great without being too perfume scented. Also, I do not use a great deal of the fabric softener. Just a bit is all it takes to make our clothes smell great.

I went through that trend of making my own laundry detergent. I can do it again in a pinch if I must but for now, I will enjoy the products I use as they work well for us.

Reorganizing the kitchen


I just ordered these Tupperware canisters off of Ebay. Glorious PINK!

I am trying to figure out how to best organize and utilize my kitchen. I follow certain tradwife ladies on Youtube and some of them love vintage decor. Having lived through the 1970’s firsthand, I’m not really into the orange, avocado green, and brown that were so prevalent those days. While I was looking throuhg vintage counter top canisters, I came across several sellers displaying vintage Tupperware canisters. I had no idea they came in so many colors; yellow, almond, green, orange and then… I found them in PINK! Well, truthfully, I found them in a faded purpley mauve, did some searching and found this complete, pink canister set. Why did I buy them?

My mother has this exact set in blaze orange.

Vintage Orange Tupperware Canister Set of 4 ~ 70s Kitchen Storage ...

and these…

Orange Tupperware Vintage Measuring Cups: 61 ppm Cadmium. Cadmium ...

and this…

Amazon.com: Tupperware 1qt Yellow Strainer Colander: Home & Kitchen

and these…

vtg Tupperware Servalier Bowls w/ Lids Harvest Colors Orange Yellow Lot of 3

and you know what? She still has them. Talk about longevity and sustainability. Past generations had that all locked down long before ‘climate change’ became trendy.

My kitchen reorganization is going to include; getting rid of items I have not used in a while, reorganizing food storage, dishes storage, etc.

I’m planning a late summer or fall yardsale. Slow and stead wins the race.

My mother is an excellent housewife. She is great at organizing and decluttering. I will be asking her for her opinion, and advice, often.

I used to have counter top canisters but I found that having them on the counter meant they got dirty often and they were always in the way. My mom uses her counter to store dishes she uses everyday. More on that another time I love how it works and looks. My sister, on the other hand, hates anything being on her counters. She does have a hot beverage station on one smallish counter area near a side sink. Do you have a hot beverage station? I have seen this in other homes as well. Let me know.

How do you organize your kitchen for aesthetics and functionality?

I will post more about the kitchen do-over as it progresses.



I love a ‘cottage-y’ home

My house is very much NOT a cottage. Built in the late 1960’s during the space-race craze, it looks like a spaceship trying to take off. It has a flat roof and the corners of the roof come up at the tips. Maybe it looks a bit more like ‘The flying Nun’s’ habit?

I was surfing the Net on my phone last night and came across some photos of lovely cottage home interiors.

Floral fabrics and blue vase accents… PERFECT!

I love plaid and strips with florals. It gives the look a bit of the unexpected and breaks things up. Too much of a good thing (floral fabrics) can become tedious. An added bonus is it adds some masculinity to the room. You do not want your husband, or male guests to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.


Tropical floral fabric on the sofa, lovely plaid ottoman.


Love this sofa at the foot of the bed.


Book nook.


What do you think of the curtains covering up the books? I love the look of books so not sure I would do it. I have a very long living room and I think I would put curtains up at the side over the entry way just to end the room. I seemingly goes on forever and conversations echo.


My absolute favorite although I would add more red and take out some of the yellowish green. Perhaps reupholster the chair and ottoman in front of the cabinet in red stripe fabric that matches the bottom edge of the sofa (if I could not find the exact fabric)?

A cozy home, no matter how you decorate makes coming home from work, or staying home because of plagues, a more pleasant experience.

Have you wanted to change up your decor? Have you perfected the look of your home at long last? I would love to hear from you in comments.

Orthorexia and homemaking

The Taste of Home Cookbook: Cook.  Share.  Celebrate.

Post is NOT sponsored by Taste of Home… I WISH!

I had no idea there was a name for what I had been going through for most of my life until I read this POST by my friend, Sally.

I will not bore you with the details, especially since talking about such things can be triggers for those persons struggling with the same, or similar issue. Suffice it to say I have had a life long, skewed relationship with food.

I am not sure if becoming Orthodox has made this better, or worse. At first, I struggled with the fast requirements of Orthodoxy. I think they are ridiculously arbitrary and, well… stupid. Veganism is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to your body. We all need healthy animal fats in order for our bodies to function properly, especially our brains. Children especially need these fats for good development. There is no food that has been excluded for Christians by God… none.  These are man made restrictions.

I struggled for a long time trying to do the fasts. The heart burn and constipation were agony. Fiber helping you to poop is a marketing breakthrough and not at all based in science. If you’re into scientific accuracy you will be hard pressed to find any in what is reported about nutrition.

So what to do when one is, Orthorexia but trying to just live life the best they can? Let go. Modify. Do your best. I had begun to alter my way of thinking about food for the last couple of months. When I read Sally’s article it helped the last few pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Also, I had watched the movie, Haute Cuisine.

Haute Cuisine (Saveurs du Palais) Movie Guide: Preview, Questions ...

I recommend it whether or not you have food issues. The main character is a skilled chef. The movie flips back and forth from her life in the Presidential Palace in Paris, France to her time in the Antarctic as chef to the scientific and research teams.

I love this movie. It is based on a true story. The main character loves to cook. She has a passion for creating good food for people.

Between this movie, and watching copious amounts of travel/cooking shows during lockdown I have learned that there is no mystery or magic to French food, or Italian, or Any other food we think is just so tasty. The real secret, which is not a secret but is a difficult concept for many Americans to grasp is; the ingredients or good. These fabulous cooks do not use processed foods. They use the freshest ingredients they can find even if that means they grow them at home OR have their mothers grow them for their restaurants.

Have you watched the Pixar film, Ratatouille? The female chef explains the importance of fresh ingredients to the novice chef.

Americans are caught up in the mill of; over-eating processed foods, dieting, illness, and yet… within it all- some end up developing Orthorexia.

What if instead of obsessing about how to eat; vegan, carnivore, keto, paleo, etc. we cooked for love? We cooked for the love of creating something wonderful out of the freshest ingredients we could find? What if we cooked for the love a creating? What if we cooked out of love for our spouses and children?

Is that not what is at the heart of homemaking? Making a home that is comfortable, warm, loving, and inviting for those we love?

All too often we homemakers have a tendency to focus on de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing, maintenance, etc. Yes we cook but what is supposed to be an act of love is often categorized as a meaningless chore. Yes, cooking AND eating can become tedious at times. Trying to come up with yet another recipe to make chicken (served for the 3rd time in a week) seem interesting can be a bit daunting.

Have you put away your cookbooks and recipe boxes in an attempt to eat ‘healthy’? Perhaps all that is needed to improve our health is a daily walk? It may seem overly simplistic but let’s look at these other, healthier cultures. Less motorized transit. The communities are small enough to walk just about everywhere you wish to go. Instead of driving to the market, buying a week’s worth (or two) of food and cramming it all in the back of the sub or minivan- food is bought as needed, and carried home in reusable shopping bags.

It is three miles to the nearest grocery store from my home… one way. There is a convenience store closer but as we discussed the emphasis for such places are foods that last. It’s not a cute, French or Greek market with fresh produce and meat readily available. Oh how I wish!

Therefore, I drive to the grocery store. I’m not quite up for making a 6 mile journey round trip on foot to buy my groceries.

Instead, I am considering reaching out to neighbors to see who has what and if we can do a neighborhood ‘farmer’s’ market. I would love to be able to walk to a neighbor’s house and buy fresh eggs from her chickens.

I have herbs to sell and can see myself contributing in that way every spring/summer.

For now, I’m taking out my cookbooks and my recipe boxes. I’m cooking for variety, for love, for creativity.

If you are inspired to cook this week, let me know in comments what you came up with.