What are you willing to do to heal?


“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”― Hippocrates

The other day I was on Twitter and saw a tweet someone had posted about trying to get their daughter to realize she is overweight and needs to do something about it. The parents had taken her to the doctor and she has obesity related health issues. The daughter’s response when told she needed to lose weight? “You’re fat shaming me!”. Since when did we start calling concern over obesity and poor health ‘fat shaming’?

Fat shaming: ‘You’re fat, stupid and worthless!”


Not Fat Shaming: “You are morbidly obese and you will eventually die, possibly after a lifetime of illness and reduced quality of life if you do not suddenly drop dead at a young age, if you do not lose weight.”

Obesity is not JUST being fat. It is another way of self medicating for a variety of issues, and it is incredibly popular.

There are ways of feeling better, of dealing with all of those swirling thoughts and emotions, that does not depend on food for grounding. What’s grounding? you ask? Grounding is where you are trying to stop feeling as if you are about to explode, or ‘float off’ into the vastness of space. because of your heightened state of emotions.

when our emotions are off balance it can lead to what is commonly joked about (but is not funny) as; ‘self medicating’. Self medicating can present itself in many ways; over eating, sexual promiscuity, drinking, drugs, even violence against others can be used as a way of feeling more in control and releasing those pent up feelings.

Healthy alternatives to self medicating include, but are not limited to; meditating, going for a walk in nature, working out to release tension out of your body and increase serotonin and endorphin levels, practicing deep breathing, and yes… using essential oils.

Many studies have been done on the healing benefits of essential oils. Advance oil blends go beyond lavender for calming or peppermint for boosting oneself into a good mood. From helping people to focus, to combating viruses and killing bacteria, essential oils can be used in almost every aspect of our daily lives for improved health and wellness both physically and mentally. While these claims have not been approved by the FDA, there are studies showing the efficacy of essential oils.

Are you ready for an essential oils challenge?

You can either purchase one bottle of oils: Valor… OR

Purchase the Feelings Kit from Young Living. which has several oils including Valor to help you deal with, and possibly overcome, some of the emotional upheaval you are experiencing due to the present state of things.

Feelings Kit - Essential Oil Collection

This is the link to my Young Living site where you can place an order for either the Valor single bottle, or the Feelings Kit (both are trademarked by Young Living). https://yl.pe/bishopoils

Remember that old saying, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!’? Learning how to deal with life without the use of addictive foods and chemicals now, means you will not be dealing with the expense of trying to fix the damage from all of that later.

p.s. the book ‘The Four fold Path to Healing’ has nothing to do with Young Living and is not endorsed by them. It is full of great information and I placed it in the post in hopes some of you might be intrigued enough to purchase it and explore some different ideas about what it really means to heal.

p.p.s. The informaiton in this post is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals. I am not diagnosing or treating anyone. I am merely sharing my personal story of my path to healing.

Young Living’s Golden Touch 1

I started a network marketing career through Young living earlier this month. I decided i would not only use the cleaning products (the main reason I signed up) but I would also select a set of essential oils to try out and track any changes I experienced while using them. I am SO glad that I did.

the set of oils I chose are; Golden touch 1.

Golden Touch 1 Kit - Buy Here

The collection includes: 4 oils to use internally, and three to use externally.

Taking these oils, rubbing them on pressure points, the bottoms of my feet and on sore muscles (the Raven oil), placing them in a diffuser and letting it run, had a noticeable impact on me both physically and emotionally. My sugar cravings have been reduced to almost nothing noticeable. If you struggle with sugar addiction you know how forceful the cravings can be. My mood has been elevated. Many of us have been in a perpetual state of stress since this whole ‘pandemic’ scenario began.

Long term stress can have detrimental effects on our bodies.

These oils are designed to work with your endocrine systems.

Endocrine system - Wikipedia

I cannot post too much about the benefits of essential oils or the symptoms of conditions which might benefit from addressing your endocrine system but YOU can do your own research and determine if using Golden touch 1 essential oils would be of any benefit to you.

If you would like to knwo more, place an order etc. please fill out this contact form or leave a comment.

If you are ready to place a Young Living order, wish to join etc. here is my personal link and member number. when placing your order, please enter my member number in the file where it says, who referred you or referral.


  • Member Number30194809

It is not normal to have chronic illness or a compromised immune system. You do not need to settle (‘I guess this is my life now.‘), or follow the crowd, when it comes to your personal wellness.

Contact me. Ask me questions. Let us become, partners in wellness.

Have you met, St. Hildegard?

Photo by Melissa Bishop

If you have been wanting to begin your own journey toward improved health through nutrition, essential oils, and stones/crystals I highly recommend procuring a copy of this book for your health and wellness library.

This book is chock-full of recipes, explanations, and lists of healing foods and spices.

I have made some of the recipes. They are delicious! Think about what WOULD have been available at that moment in time. what could they have grown and preserved? What spices did they have access to thanks to trade ships bringing spices to them from the tropics? Seasonal eating took on a whole new meaning. Although they had spices and foods available to them that perhaps their parents and/or grandparents did not have access to, they still did not have refrigerated shipping, processed foods, etc. that we have today. Without refrigeration, preservation of foods, how spices and herbs were dried, bottled, make into infusions, etc. at that time are different, but not totally alien, to our way of preserving herbs and turning them into useful tools for improved health and wellness.

St. Hildegard thought highly of chestnuts and certain spices such as; nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, to name a few. She even has curry blends which do not contain any peppers which seem to be how much of today’s curries are prepared. I personally cannot eat peppers. her spice blends which do not use peppers or paprika (made from peppers) are of special interest to me, and other people who suffer when they eat peppers or the spices derived from peppers.

Since many herbs and spices can be enjoyed in food through cooking and infusion into wines and vinegar, it makes sense to become better at cooking if you; hardly, if ever, step into your kitchen unless it’s to toss out the take-out containers used to transport dinner to your door.

YOU CAN DO THIS! You can learn how to cook. You can learn about spices and herbs and how to use them in cooking, preserving, wine infusions, etc.

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I will be covering more of this in upcoming blog posts and Youtube videos.

Here’s to the healers

Photo credit: Katherine Hanlon@tinymountain

Here’s to the healers who, like the myrrh bearing women of the bible, risk so much, and give so much of themselves for the benefit of others.

Here’s to the healers who study endlessly. Who learn the healing properties of plants. Who see the detriment of excessive use of modern pharmaceuticals and offer options for those who are willing. To those who worked hard to keep their families, friends, and other loved ones, out of hospitals… especially during the pandemic. Here’s to the foragers, the keepers of the hearth & home and those who use themselves as test subjects before offering the remedy to others. Here’s to those who wait patiently for the weeks it takes to make a tincture or infusion. Here is to the tea blenders, to those who study crystals and other alternative means of healing. To those who believe in miracles and desire to create them.

Here’s to those who know meat heals. Who go for walks in the woods and bring home pockets full of miracles. Here’s to those grinding herbs in their kitchens making poultices, salves and ointments.

Here’s to those of you who looked for the best path for you and walk it… willing to share your knowledge with those who will listen.

To you, the invisible care givers and healers, I raise a glass of fizzy drink to you.

A Toast to You | Note Card Café

Lilac tincture

I’m an herbalist… it’s what I do. (Photo credit? It’s mine. I took it. yes I did.)


Lilac blossoms of course.

3 parts vodka

1 part vegetable glycerin

Fill a jar well with the blossoms but do not crush the blossoms or overcrowd. Pack them in up to the top of the jar then pour the vodka and vegetable glycerine over the top. Label it:

Lilac tincture

date it was made:

date it will be ready:

Mine will be finished on July 7th. Lilac is good for; parasites (vermifuge- they stun parasites), it is antiperiodic which means it helps to prevent disease. It is also restorative. Lilac helps to prevent relapses after a patient has healed, it is an antifungal- it purges the body of fungi and lowers the risk of fungal infections, helps to reduce fever, helps to ease anxiety, it’s good for your skin (helps heal burns, reduce wrinkles from sun damage and aging, etc.), antibacterial.

If you look around where you live, you just might discover a medicine chest in your own neighborhood or backyard. Lilac does not grow wild in America. It is native to Europe. If you do not have any bushes, ask your neighbor if you can cut some of their blossoms off in exchange fore some tincture. You do not need many blossoms to make your tincture. This is the bowl I used to harvest the blossoms. I still have some unprocessed blossoms left.

This is a small Pampered Chef bowl that’s about 16.5 years old.

Be sure to harvest your lilacs in the morning when it is still cool and they are a bit dewy (but it’s ok if they are dew free) you want to be sure they are full of their oils. This is best in the morning. You want full, open blossoms. Store them in an air tight jar for 6-8 weeks if using 100 proof vodka or 8-12 weeks if using 80 proof vodka. When finished, transfer liquid to a bottle with an eyedropper if desired for easier administration.

Bible verses supporting the use of herbs.

Revelation 22:2, KJV: “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

You do not need to wait until you get to heaven or the apocalypse happens to experience the healing power of plants.

Ezekiel 47:12 ESV

And on the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither, nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing.”

What is your favorite tincture or herbal remedy?

It’s almost lilac season!

Photo of neighbor’s lilac bush which borders our properties.

It is almost lilac season in my city. I might be the only one who call sit that but I don’t care. I love lilacs and they bloom almost every spring in our city. I don’t know why there are so many lilac bushes in our city but there are and when they all bloom together it is glorious!

Lilacs are a common theme (along with roses, violets, and forget-me-nots.) in Victorian art.

snowball floral scrap clipart

They also have medicinal value. They help rid the body or parasites, aid in digestion, they help wounds heal and just plain taste and smell good. Lilac essential oil can be used to easy anxiety and depression and help to calm babies. A more comprehensive list appears below.

Lilac Essential Oil Facts

NameLilac Essential oil
Scientific NameSyringa vulgaris
NativeMiddle East and Eastern Europe, particularly the Balkan region
Method of ExtractionSteam-distilled extract of the leaves
Extracted FromLeaves, Flower
Plant parts usedFlowers, leaves, and fruits
Oil ColorLight purple in color
Flavor/AromaRefreshing floral scent
Health BenefitsPrevents Premature Aging Reduces Fever Treating Malaria Prevents Depression Reduce Blood Pressure Reduce Inflammation Prevent Sunburn Uplift Mood Cures digestive issues Treats hemorrhoids Eases Anxiety and Reduces Stress Eliminates Parasites Treats Skin Problems Control Ticks and Mites Treats Intestinal Worms Improves Room Odor
PrecautionsYou should not consume lilac essential oil at all. If you are pregnant or nursing, avoid contact with lilac essential oil. If you have hyper-sensitive skin, lilac essential oil may trigger skin infections. Mix the lilac essential oil with a carrier-oil and apply a few drops of the solution to a small area and see if your skin develops an infection or reacts to the lilac oil. Sometimes, lilac essential oil can turn red, be very itchy, and you may even develop hives or a rash. If you experience any of the above symptoms, discontinue using lilac essential oil and seek immediate medical attention to reduce future complications. Remember to consult a doctor before you begin using lilac essential oil.

Unfortunately, lilac bushes are not deer resistant. I have seen hungry deer devour every bloom they could reach on springtime blooming lilac plants. It is such a romantic plant with a sweet fragrance. A perfect shrug to plant to give your home a vintage look and feel.

I love; thyme, thyme, thyme

Only this single green stem of leaves remains in the sea of dead twigs surrounding it. This little twig is a remnant of the lovely, larger plant I cut up to use to make a healing salve.

The other day at the grocery store, I purchased three plants; thyme, rosemary, and a rose bush. The rose bush was over watered, right from the grocery store. Even though I let it dry out until the potting soil is hard as a rock before I water it, some of the leaves turn pale yellow/green in protest of receiving more water. I even cock the pot to one side by setting it on the lid of a jar to keep the roots from being puddled in water. I am not, however, discouraged. It popped out several bits of new growth many of which contain new, tiny, rose buds.

The rosemary bush is small but doing well. I am taking care not to over water it but our house is very dry and I am checking it daily. I long to have an herb garden in my backyard. These few plants are going to be the start of something great! They just need to survive a few months longer.

The thyme plant, however, is in plant I.C.U. The minute I chopped off the other stems to make my oil for the salve, it dried up. I thought I had left enough to keep it alive. It’s either too cold, or too dark in my house for it. I thought it was a ‘gonner’ but then, I looked at it after I had watered it a bit and there it was; that one, tiny, green sprig of hope.

Isn’t that kind of how it is with spring? Just when we think the snow cannot get deeper, the wind cannot blow colder, here comes a chick-a-dee, a robin, or a hummingbird to remind us; ‘Winter is almost over. It’s almost time to rejoice in spring!’. And so we wait, ever hopeful, patient, cold, peering into the sky, trying to tell if those are storm clouds or just cloud, clouds. We stare at the snow to see if the warmth of the day melted it any. We buy plants with hope that it cannot be cold and snowy forever. We buy plants with our hearts focused on spring, the future, life, warmth, breath. We buy plants…

I feel like an ‘herb nurse’ right now. If the thyme lives and becomes strong enough to plant, it will eventually find its way outside to my garden. Thyme is a wonderful, versatile plant with delicious culinary uses and healing properties. Years ago, I took a Christian Herbal Healing course. I just looked through my, Materia Medicas (Materia medica is a Latin term from the history of pharmacy for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing, (And you can make your own!), from the course, and not one of them has mention of thyme! I turn instead to my, Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody. Published in 1993, and picked up at a book fair (remember those?) this book was my ‘gateway book’, so-to-speak, that first sparked my interest in herbs and herbal remedies.

The Complete Medicinal Herbal: Ody, Penelope: 9781550134803: Amazon.com:  Books

For a quick minute, as I thumbed through its pages, I thought it too would have forgotten the amazing yet humble thyme plant from its pages but no! There it is on page 104… thyme, pronounced Time, not THym. Like Thomas not THat, or THis.

Garden thyme is known as; thymus vulgaris, wild thyme is thymus serpyllum. Not just great to use when cooking, thyme has many medicinal properties that make it a must-have in any herbal medicine cabinet.

All parts of the thyme plant (except the roots) may be used in making herbal remedies. Thyme is good for insect and sea creature bites/stings. In folk traditions it was used to give the wearer strength and courage, which it of course can still be used for today. Bathing with thyme oil is said to help the bather ‘let go’ of issues. Thyme can help with chest congestion (it is an expectorant) when made into a tea or syrup (or the essential oil inhaled). An infusion or diluted tincture can be used as a gargle for sore throats (great for people who make podcasts or sing), place 10 drops of the essential oil into 20ml of a carrier oil and rub on the chest to help clear chest infections. Ten drops of the essential oil can also be added to water to treat insect bites or skin ailments (infections). Add a couple of thyme sprigs to warm, not boiling, water to make a tea, or1/2 to 1 teaspoon of dried thyme if you do not have fresh. Remember when I said it can help improve strength and courage? Add a few drops to bath water to strengthen a person or relieve arthritis symptoms (which is also a great way to open up the lungs when congested), please make sure not to draw too hot of a bath, you’re not an egg that needs boiling. Keep the water at around 100 degrees.

I placed my thyme stems in sweet almond oil. The stems are infusing the oil with their plant essential oil. I plan to leave the stems in the oil for at least 6 weeks. I could heat the whole lot up on a very low setting to cause the infusion to happen faster, but I am in no great hurry. I will have that infused oil for a while. I plan to add it to other ingredients such as bees wax or shea butter, some other essential oils and by the time I am through I will have a nice salve to put on cuts or bug bites.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is thymeoild.jpg
Thyme stems in sweet almond oil waiting to be turned into home made healing salve.

I have been asked in the past, “Why not just buy some from the store?’. That’s a good question. If I ‘just buy stuff from the store’ I miss out on the satisfaction of having made something from scratch that benefits me, and whomever I choose to bless with a gift of the salve. If I ‘just buy some form the store’ I am stuck using whatever the store has whether or not I am completely happy with the product whereas if I make it myself, I know exactly what ingredients were used in its preparation and I can customize the essential oils to those which I prefer.

Making a salve from scratch is immensely satisfying. I would miss out on all of that joy if I did not make it myself. Plus, making it myself helps to solidify the knowledge of thyme, its benefits and how to craft herbal remedies. Practice is needed to become proficient. You cannot by experience. It must be earned… acquired.

When using, thyme please be sure to avoid it during pregnancy. Always dilute thyme as it can irritate mucus membrane.

If you wish to wild-craft your thyme (look for it in the wild as to buying or growing it), look for a bushy plant whose stems are bright-medium green, thin and covered in small roundish leaves that grow in pairs opposite one another. The plant sometimes has some purple leaves but always the flowers are purple. The plants can sometimes look different from what I have just described. A quick Internet search will show what I described but also give you thyme plants that look different from what I described. The plants in your region may look different, please be careful and do your own research to make sure you are not harvesting something deadly. If you are unsure, walk away. It’s better to be cautious than dead.

This is just the first of many more articles to come about herbs and herbal remedies. Please share them with friends and family. The more we can do for ourselves during these times, the better.

You can begin your own, Materia Medica to keep track of herbs, how you use them, how you process them, even how you grow them and the results of all of the wonderful ways you put them to good use. The more information you fill up in the pages of your Materia Medica the better reference you make for yourself, and for future generations who might be interested in your herbal research.

You can include images of the herbs, either photographs you took or illustrations you drew. You can include the medicinal/healing properties of the herbs as well as the folklore associated with the plant. You can be as technical, or not technical as you like. Try thyme in your baking as well as your cooking. savory scones into which you baked thyme would be a delicious accompaniment to teatime. Thyme infused sugar cubes to put into tea would be lovely. Thyme essential oil can be inhaled before a job interview, a date, a family gathering to bolster you and give you strength.

Vintage Materia medica images:

How to Make a Materia Medica - My Kind of Medicine Blog - Heirloom Gardener  | Materia medica, Medica, Herbalism
Herbal Materia Medica Series - Interfaith Neighbors : Interfaith Neighbors

Thyme and bee keeping. Thyme is a great insect repellent that does not bother bees (In small doses.).

group of bees
Photo by @timothylbrock from Unsplash.

In my online research, I came across information on bee hives and thyme. Some keepers of bees place a few sprigs at the top of each hive. The bees drag it down to the exit, through the hive, releasing the plants beneficial essential oils along the way. This is a gentle way of lightly applying the essential oils/fragrance of thyme without overwhelming the bees. The individual who reported this experience noted that they had a significant reduction of mites. Thyme is also anti-microbial which means it can help to reduce or eliminate fungi/molds that can grow in enclosed places such as bee hives which is why European bee keepers have been using Thymol with their hives for several years now. Please look up and do your research before applying thyme oil or Thymol to your hives.

I hope this post gives you some good ideas on how to use thyme besides stuffing it inside of a turkey on Thanksgiving day!

Something new and a bit scary

I feel such a strong affinity toward the Myrrh Bearing Women. They knew about herbs, and essential oils. They went, in the dark, to Jesus’ tomb to properly prepare His body for burial (that is how we know the tomb was empty). These women were incredibly brave. Their beloved leader had just been brutally murdered after being betrayed. People were angry and fearful yet… they went.

How does the story of these brave women relate to us today? The knowledge these women possesed about herbs and essential oils went beyond knowing how to prepare a body for burial. These women were healers. Generations of knowledge about plants and their healing properties were passed on to them and most likely from them to the next generation of healers. These women would have treated not only their families but likely their friends and families as well. These women treated the ailments of the people in their community. Plants heal and they do so in various ways, in various forms. This pathway of healing is not new. It is ancient, it is effective, and it works well with other forms of healing now considered to be ‘alternative’.

For years now, I have been dealing with health issues. I tried allopathic medicine (Listen to pronunciation. (A-loh-PA-thik MEH-dih-sin) A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery.), to no avail. I turned to what is commonly known as, ‘alternative medicine’ and my healthy, and quality of life greatly improved. I strongly believe that had I not done this, I would have deteriorated the the point of near death, if not actual death.

I have not been blogging much because I have been busy studying. I have completed my first, crystal healing course and am working toward other certifications. I am already a certified herbalist. I think these other courses I am taking are natural extensions of what are ancient, and proven viable, was of healing.

Our western culture has been effectively ‘convinced’ that the only way to heal is through science. Holistic therapies are intuitive, empathic, non-invasive pathways of healing. I believe, in the deepest part of me, that holistic healing is the closest thing to healing the way, Jesus healed. Jesus used, and still uses, energy to heal us. Jesus healed people when He was not supposed to, on the Sabbath, with dirt and spit, by telling people not to sin, etc.

I am studying Chinese Traditional Medicine, reflexology, color-therapy, and a few other ways of healing that i am excited to share with you… all in good time.

I plan to present videos to you on how to use these pathways of healing for yourself and your family. We’ll see how well that goe son Youtube. If need be, I will switch to Vimeo.

Presently, my healing ways are not official sanctioned by my priest or church. I do not feel the need to ‘get permission’ to do the thing God has called me to do. This means that although I am an Orthodox Christian, my work is not acknowledged or affiliated with The Church in any way at this time. things may change but as I said, I will do what the Lord has called me to do. Sadly, I have read, and listened to, more priests endorsing modern medicine than these more gentle, and natural ways of healing. It greatly saddens me to see them turning their backs on the beautiful, nautral world God created, and filled with everything we could ever need, in favor of The incredibly invasive, and chemically charged world of medicine.

Part of my Youtube channel, and this blog, will include book reviews, information on herbal remedies and essential oils, nutrition, and other ways of self-care and healing pathways. Some of you are going to be quite challenged by this information. You have been told these things are wrong for Christians to use but few of the naysayers have any real, convincing (at least not convincing to me) arguments as to why they should not be used by Christians.

Being ill is horrible enough on its own, why must Christians suffer even more be being fed into the medical system? Why is THAT of all things part of being a ‘good Christian’?

If you suffer from some sort of chronic illness, ask yourself this: “How well has the medical establishment served me?” If you feel that you have been taken care of very well by it all then obviously this information I shall be sharing is not for you. If however, you feel you could benefit from learning more about the healing power of plants, crystals, alternative nutrition choices, movement, etc.- you are very welcome to join us here, and on Youtube at; Woman of Myrrh and Light. I have renamed my channel to reflect this new change in topic. HOWEVER the information is coming. I am preparing something special that will debut with the story of The Myrrh Bearing Women. So hang in there and watch this space for more information.

John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.