Should you create your own Materia Medica?


What is a Materia medica? A Materia Medica is a book you put together of herbal remedy information. In the past, a Materia Medica was hand illustrated and often filled with illuminated letters (fancy calligraphy). They were often a laborious piece of work the laboring of which extended over the adult life of their creators, usually monks.

Yes, you can purchase many herbal remedy books, and I have, but there is something more permanent and intimate in the creation of one’s own Materia Medica. It is YOUR book… YOUR creation. Your own words, and drawings if you wish, of your findings from your experiments. Not only all of that information but also where you found the plant if you wild-crafted it, or what store in which you were able to purchase the supplies needed.

Did you make a tincture from alcohol? What kind? How much? Did it turn out? If not what do you think happened? Did you use it? What were the results? Did it work well enough to make and use it again? If not why not? What happened? How can you avoid making the same mistake next time?

A Materia Medica is a kind of diary you can use to record your herbal journey.

Here is a video I made on one possible way to make a Materia Medica.

Is this whole ‘covid thing’ more folk magic than science?


THIS: I am reading”The Witch of the Monongahela: Folk Magic in Early Western Pennsylvania” by Thomas White and wanted to share this quote with you.

“However, folk magic has its own internal logic and rules. It is guided by two interdependent ideas: contagion and transference. Disease, bad luck and misfortunes are caused by evil and are contagious in the sense that they can be given to or caught by a person, either unintentionally through daily activity and encounters or deliberately because of another person or entity.”

I was watching, M*A*S*H last night, as I do, and they were talking about placebos. I got to thinking about the power of thoughts which we will get to in a moment. Then today, I was thinking about an episode of The Xfiles where people were infected with something that when they thought about a certain disease, or way of death, it happened to them. Most notably a woman dies of hantavirus where there are no mice or mouse droppings to infect her simply because (well not so simply she was infected with something that helped her thoughts ‘off’ her) she thought she had the diseases which in turn caused her to manifest the symptoms and then die from those symptoms.

I am reading some pretty crazy stories, and watching just as crazy videos of how people are behaving because of this ‘virus’. We are behaving less humanely toward one another everyday because of FEAR and THAT is the real tragedy to come out of this shared ordeal.I see people wearing masks in their cars, or outside and they are alone… so, SO alone in many ways.

I read online about a woman at a gas pump telling a man he had to put on his mask before she could get out of her car. His right response? ‘Sit there.’. he told her.

I learned the specifics of mind over matter or group pressure/peer pressure in college when I took psychology 101. It begins with a few people repeating the same thing, a lie, over and over until the whole classroom is on board. Any holdovers are browbeaten until they either get angry enough to walk out of class or capitulate to what is going on. THAT is how we got WWII. THAT’S how the Nazi’s were able to take over but more importantly… THAT is also how we were able to team up with other nations and defeat our common enemy.Not, of course through lies and intimidation but by coming together under one common ideology, a GOOD ideology, and making sure everyone knew what we were doing and why it was so important. A good peer pressure not the bad peer pressure we now face.

That same bad peer pressure responsible for so many deaths and so much destruction by the Nazis is how thousands of innocent people were burned at the stake during the witch trials or Burning Years. People in third world countries are still being burned to death and tortured or both because of negative peer pressure. They are dying because of greed, or fear but none are dying because they are demon possessed witches who have had sexual intercourse with the devil. and now… now we have the virus and the negative peer, and governmental, pressures that are forming because of it.

Not only are fictions being reported as facts but those who try to tell the truth are silenced. They lose their jobs. Their social media accounts are removed. People, experts on the topic, are being erased. Australia has placed its own people in internment/concentration camps. THEIR-OWN-PEOPLE!! No matter who it is this is not acceptable but I am totally shocked that this is going on and there is no public/media outcry against this! Where are the embargoes? Where are the celebrity/athlete outcries? COME ON!

Let’s start with standing up against ‘gender appropriation’.


This is a man. A man in a dress is not a woman; he is just a man in a dress. It is incredibly degrading and insulting, to a woman to be reduced to outward appearances IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. Is this not part of what feminists have been fighting against all of these years? For women to not be treated according to our outward appearance? Yet when a man dresses up as a woman and wins an event, he is instantly embraced as a woman by the liberal left. I sometimes wear a ball-cap. This does not make me a man. A girl playing dress up and putting on a cat-ears headband does not suddenly transform into a cat. No matter how many people call her a cat, or how loud she ‘meows’ she is still a little girl in a cat-ears headband and NOT a cat. Why did I ‘go THERE’? Because a lie is a lie. America has turned into a nation of lies being run by liars.

The whole world western world seems to be reading, The Emperor’s New Clothes as a how-to manual instead of a cautionary tale.

I hope those who have the power to stop this madness get going on saving America before it is too late. Before we too have concentration camps for the unvaxxed.

Are you a victim of folk magic or science; of lies or of truth? Do you hate the word victim? Do you feel empowered right now? REALLY empowered as you drive around in your car, alone, wearing mask? Do feel empowered when you are being chased out of a store or cannot be hired because you will not mask or receive the jab? What happened to my body my choice? Oh that’s right it only applies if you wish to take a life not save your life. I am utterly humiliated by what is happening in our country. All of the innocent lives lost because of greed, sin, ignorance and the serious lack of critical thinking by the public. You cannot live your life believing everything MSM tells you to believe. At some point you need to put on that thinking cap God gave you (your brain— use your brain!) and start thinking!

I have an idea; let us gather together separately (not an oxymoron) every Saturday night and pray against our enemies. There are so many!

Every Saturday at 6:00 p.m. where ever you are so that there is, hopefully, continuous prayer across the map from time zone to time zone, we will pray any or all of the following;

Psalm 15 (16)1 Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Nahum 1:7  The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows those who take refuge in Him.

Psalm 2(3):3 But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.

Hebrews 13:So we can confidently say,  “The Lord is my helper;  I will not fear; what can man do to me?”

Proverbs 18:10   The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

Psalm 137 (138):Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me.

It does not matter what verse you find to pray or how many. I believe in the power of unity in prayer. It does not matter what denomination you are, what bible you use, just PRAY!.

I do believe our prayers can break through the lies being told. Keep praying!

I wonder if my government will stop trying to kill me if I promise not to use social security when I turn 65?

This showed up in my email today addressed to the church parish:

Dear Friends,
“If you or your spouse will be celebrating a 70th birthday this year, AND are fully vaccinated, including ‘booster’, you are invited to a 70th Birthday Brunch, on Saturday, February 12th.  The brunch will be held at our home,”

Not even if you paid me. And I thought, yes, it is her home and she has the right to invite whomever she wishes and to make stipulations but in the deepest part of me I hope no one show sup just because it feels weird to exclude people. The Nazis did it and quite frankly there is just too much of what is going on that reminds me of history class when we studied WWII.

Here are some bible verses you can study on the spirit of fear LINK.

Why does this blog title talk about social security and Covid? My sister and I listened to a podcast the other day while on a road trip. The people on it were discussing whether or not all of this was to cull the US population because in 2028 (FIVE, 5, YEARS FROM NOW) there will be 120+ MILLION people eligible for social security.


Therefore, since our government has STOLEN the benefits you and I worked so hard for, paid taxes for, looked forward to are gone because politicians are greedy and work hard to line their pockets with our money in order to avoid paying us back. Thieves and murderers.

A lot of people are talking about how people ARE dying from the vaxx/not a vaxx. It’s an open secret. Wink, wink “No one is dying!”. How DO you look at yourself in the mirror every morning?

My ignorant siblings in Christ who are demanding you be vaccinated in order to attend their party are the target age group. I am 54. I would like to live beyond 65 without being ‘vaxxed’ hence the title of the blog post. I am willing to sign a document refusing ss benefits. ‘SS’ how aprop.

I watched a video the other day on how the Amish handled this whole ‘event’. No vaccines. Herd immunity. It’s over. While we supposedly scientifically superior English (what the Amish call non-Amish) are still dealing with it… whatever IT is.

I do believe this is an attempt at a mass culling. One that is not going as fast as they would like it to go. It does not really matter what the reason is. People are dying. I would not be surprised if somewhere, on some dossier the words, ‘Operation Thanos‘ were stamped in big, red letters.

A friend of mine called crying because her daughter is being forced to inject in order to work again. No one will hire her because she is over qualified. She was trying to avoid going back to the military because of the jab.

If people are coming to you in need of a job and you need employees just hire them! Who cares if they are over qualified? People need those jobs. Your jobs need to be filled by people. Let’s not over think it.

We will see if this makes it or is oppressed by the haters of the 1st Amendment?

America, what happened to you? Where did you go but most importantly can we get you back to being the land of the free and home of the brave?

Is the Betsy Ross Flag Racist? Meaning, History and Symbolism Behind  U.S.A.'s 13-Star Flag

Are you ready for the Carnivore challenge?!

May be an image of text that says 'Fake meat is plant based plus a few harmful chemicals it's also plant based D Reversing-l ਜਾ'

Most people use January as their month to begin their renewals. a renewed mind by committing to reading more. A renewed spirituality by going to church more or reading their bible more. Some… a renewed body by committing to changing their way of eating via embarking on a low-carb diet.

What if you made the commitment for a renewal of body, mind AND spirit/soul?

There is a FB group called, Carnivore 75 Hard Challenge. This is not MY group as in I did not start it.

I am a member but I joined, and then did not complete the challenge. On January 1st. I will rejoin and recommit.

Who is with me? here is a peek at what you can expect. Remember, it is a HARD challenge. It’s going to be difficult to do.













The challenge starts January 1st and extends through March 17th!!!!Think about what 4 you want to concentrate on and give it your all. 75 days is a long time and I want this to be doable and challenging at the same time. Figure out and write down your WHY for this challenge. Print it out hang it up where you will see it everyday to keep you motivated.

You can leave a comment if you like, letting me know who is on board… or not. If you want to you can just join the FB group and participate through that platform. It does not matter. What matters is that you do the challenge and change whatever it is you wish to change.

Remember: take a before picture of yourself, take your measurements and if you have a scale and you wish to track your weight you can do that also.

Good luck!

I had written in a previous post about doing the Young living Slique products but they are still sold out. I am doing the Carnivore 75 Challenge instead.

Let us talk about your future

Essential Oil Gift Guide: Holiday Starter Bundle -

Pictured is the Young living Holiday Starter Bundle being offered RIGHT NOW! at 25% off. Normally $150.00 it is selling for $112.50. Even though I joined Young Living in august with the Thieves Cleaning Bundle, I bought this kit because it is SUCH a great deal!

This sweet bundle comes with these oils:






3 oil blends:


Peace & Calm (who could not use THAT for the holidays?!)

and Thieves oil blend

This kit also contains a waterless hand sanitizer which contains thieves oil blend and a cute, leopard print carrying case perfect for travel.

Why am I bringing this to your attention? Well, aside form it being a great deal price wise, one 5ml bottle of Frankincense usually sells for 41.78 and you are receiving 9 oils for just $112.50, this holiday bundle is a great way to introduce yourself to essential oils AND possibly a future as an independent Young Living Brand Partner.

Now, before you head over to watch pet videos, hear me out.

The last 2 years have been a trial and tribulation for most of us. I cannot fathom who would not have been affected by everything that has gone on but there might be some… but not me. I find myself using essential oils more and more these days. If I have to drive, I put on Valor. If I need to relax I use Stressaway or Freedom blends. I use Thieves oil blend and Thieves cleaning products in my home and car.

Read about Freedom essential oil blend from Young Living by clicking the link to the right

What does all of this have to do with YOU? If you purchase your holiday starter bundle… or ANY Young living starter bundle, while you acquaint yourself with your new purchase, you could be thinking about with whom you would share these wonderful products. Friends, family, co-workers. You could explain the benefits of having a diffuser in the workplace to your boss and then bring it in if you get an, ‘ok’. At anytime in those first 30 days you decide you would like to make money from the purchases the people around you have made simply from you sharing a product you love, you could become a Brand partner with Young living by purchasing the Business Kit.

Why would you want to become a Young Living brand partner? Because you are already telling people how wonderful Young Living oils are and they are responsive to you. They are purchasing oils and cleaning kits. Now you will receive a commission from everything they purchase.

Now… NOW you have an additional income source. Did you know that many rich people have multiple income streams? This means that their main is not their ONLY job/career. Most rich people have multiple side hustles. You can too!

I have been on food stamps and public assistance. Financial independence is so much better!

Now of course buying your Holiday Bundle does not obligate you to becoming a brand partner with Young Living but I just cannot imagine why you would say ‘no’ to something so potentially life changing?

So many people lost their jobs during the height of the pandemic. many are still unemployed. Many have no idea how they are going to pay for Christmas, food, how to keep the lights and heat on this winter as the price of everything keeps increasing. A side hustle could do that for you. A side hustle with Young Living essential oils could turn into your main hustle.

Please feel free to contact me to talk about a future in becoming a Young Living brand partner.

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Why start a Young Living business?

Why Start a Young Living Business

There are so many reasons, but here’s a few to start:

  • Help others lead a more natural, healthy lifestyle
  • Just $29.95 to become a brand partner
  • Be your own boss
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  • Professional development
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  • No crazy boss
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Are you ready to change your life? If so, join my team of Young Living Brand Partners.

Young Living - quickmeme

What IS ‘fat shaming’?

Over the years, it has become en vogue to tell someone of an unpopular opinion that that they are ‘phobic’ or ‘shaming’.

There is ‘Christos-shaming’ where Christians are vilified and/or people try to ‘shame’ them for their beliefs. There is ‘creation-shaming’ where Christians are shamed for believing in creation over evolution. Some are even shamed by other Christians for making efforts toward living a pure life and adhering to scripture.

It seems that for every person who likes something, there is someone else who does not. This unhappy person will spend way too much energy trying to ‘shame’ you for just living a life that brings you joy. The people who shame other people for what they enjoy doing might be hiding a narcissistic personality disorder since they just LOVE telling other people what they should and should not enjoy doing… but I’m no expert of disorders, and that is not what this post is about.

This post is about fat shaming, and yes, FIT shaming. I have seen people shame other people on social media for wanting to preserve the hard work they have put into working out and being fit rather than observing religious fasting.

There are many ways to observe religious fasting. One of those other ways of observing a religious fast is by keeping control of your mouth. We must guarding what comes out of our mouths and now with social media, what comes out of our keyboards. If you keep a strict fast but go around condemning others, mocking them, criticizing and judging them, you have erased ALL of your efforts you would have gained by fasting. Poof! They are completely gone.

I chose to write about the topic of shaming because as you embark upon your wellness journey, you will encounter opposition. Not as much from enemies as you might think, but more so from friends… or rather people you thought were your friend until you chose to make some changes in your life that make them feel challenged or left behind.

A more well known example of fit shaming is what happened to the singer, Adele. Adele was ‘fit’ shamed by disloyal ‘fans’ when she chose to go on her own wellness journey and drop over 100 pounds. No matter how devoted a fan you are/were, Adele owes you nothing. No one ‘owes’ you anything. It is not Adele’s job to make sure you have a fat role model to help you feel good about yourself and you do not owe it to anyone to remain fat so that they do not feel bad about themselves.

Years ago there was a Christian ministry that helped certain males overcome their certain ‘issues’- should they WANT to try and come out of that lifestyle. However, because some people thought, erroneously (there are plenty of studies done to back up the fact that certain proclivities are chosen and can be overcome) that people could never NOT be THAT… that the institution should be closed down thus removing forever (unless people chose to try and self heal) a place that offered an alternative to their alternative. EVERYONE was denied the chance to change by going to that institution because a few people thought it was wrong for them to try and do so. A minor number of people decided something for others with no regard for their wishes, and THAT is a travesty.

I do wonder if we will be like that one day soon about gyms and fitness. Although ‘fitness’; gyms, supplements, surgeries, equipment, etc., is a multi-billion dollar industry, I can see it being attacked and gyms shutting down all over the country because some snowflake somewhere got a ‘butt hurt’ because they want everyone to ‘own it’… to accept their bodies how they are and never ever try to improve them by losing weight. One person deciding everything for everyone else is not a democracy. No mandate is part of a democracy.

Folks, there are certain things that are just not healthy for us and being 100+ pounds over weight is one of them.

What then IS fat shaming if encouraging people to live a healthy, fit life is not shameful?

Fat shaming is; name calling, teasing, belittling, bullying, mocking, condemning, etc. a person who is fat, obese, or overweight to a certain degree. yes, when children tear one another apart with words over their appearance it is a horrible thing and should not be tolerated. Deciding to lose weight because you get winded walking across your house is nothing to be ashamed about and you do not owe it to anyone to remain obese. Did you ‘get’ that.

You do not owe it to anyone to remain obese.

Do you know why it is ok for you to lose weight and not stay fat/obese for other people? Because NO ONE OWNS YOU!

The reason why it is important to talk about such things is because there are too many people in the world with messed up lives and control issues who are determined to try and manipulate and control the rest of us. Some of them are just scared your changes will lead to you leaving them. A legitimate concern for some people. Some of them will hate you for changing because you did not seek them out before you began your journey. These people think you must consult them, seek their approval and when you do not, they are offended and may even ridicule your efforts and dreams of change.

I tell you these things not to scare you off, but to try and prepare you for what might be coming when you embark upon your journey. Do not allow these people to get in your way. Your health, and well being, is far more important than the feelings, and opinions on how you should live your life, of other people who cannot even cheer you on toward victory.

People who may themselves be in need of a wellness journey of their own.

It is disgusting how other people try to destroy the lives of those around them. You just keep putting one foot in front of the other and do not look back.

Essential oil workout blend and getting a jump on wellness goals

2 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil blend 2 drops Vetiver essential oil 2 drops Black Pepper essential oil 2 drops Cedarwood essential oil

I don’t know about you, but I really dislike working out. I enjoy the health benefits, but over all it is not my ‘go-to’ for mental health and wellness. I have bad choices for that; chocolate, peanut butter, caffeine, etc.

After spending the summer marinating in stress and anxiety, it is time to get back on the workout wagon. Once again I am offering my workout book as a gift to you.

You can help support this blog, and the free workout book, by going to my Young Living website to order your essential oils and supplements. Starting Monday, Young living is having a big sale. You can find the essential oils listed above and many others as well as supplements to help get you started on, and continuing toward, your wellness goals.

My Young Living site LINK.


Although presently out of stock as a kit, I have several of the Young Living Slique products in my on line basket ready to be shipped to me on the first of December as part of my monthly subscription order. I will be documenting my progress on my blog but let me give you a heads up. If a Young Living product is out of stock there is a good reason for it… people LOVE it. If you struggle with your weight you might consider giving this product a go and see if it helps you reach, and maintain your weight loss goals.

I am not waiting for January 1st. With thousands of Young Living customers in the same mindset at the first of the year making weight loss a goal for the new year, maybe waiting until then to purchase your wellness products is not such a good idea? Maybe now is the time to at least prepare for new year resolutions and goals setting?

Legal stuff: I cannot guarantee success using these, or any other products sold by me or Young Living. Please consult with your doctor before beginning this, or any other wellness journey to make sure you are fit enough to be on a wellness journey. Please carefully read all ingredient lists for comparability with any food, or plant, issues you may have. While most essential oils are generally regarded as safe, serious complications can arise unexpectedly. Discontinue use immediately if reaction occurs. Seek medical help if needed.

Daily carnivore

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven - {Crispy Baked Bacon} - Kristine's Kitchen

One of the first things someone new to the carnivore way of eating (WOE) needs to realize is; as with everything in life, there is controversy, differing opinions, criticism, and judgement with this way of life. Keep in mind that this is YOUR diet. No matter how many people eat this way (and there are many, many, people who do), no matter what ‘experts’ tell you you should do, you are only going to stick with this woe if you are able to do it and see/feel results. So if you need to eat bacon everyday, do it. If you need to eat 12 eggs everyday, do it. If you cannot function without coffee do it but keep in mind everything has a connection to something. Meaning, there is a higher level of histamine (a chemical some people are sensitive to) in bacon than other meat. Coffee and dairy can have certain affects on certain people. Read, read, read, and experiment! This is your body. This is your health journey. People are going to contribute their opinions but no one is the boss of you or your health journey. Not even your spouse or family.

I have always found it interesting when obese people and people who are ill because of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and being in the medical system give out dietary and health advice. Do they not have mirrors? Do they not realize that how they feel is not normal nor healthy?

The carnivore woe is animal based. The percentage is up to you but the higher your percentage of animal based eating the more successful you will be at healing… to a point. I saw to a point because while your body detoxes form decades of crappy eating and yes… I include eating vegetables and drinking smoothies as part of the crappy way of eating that toxified your body. It’s not just highly processed foods that are detrimental to our physical and mental health. We have been fed a lie that vegetables are healthy and good for us. They are not.

Someone on social media posted about how eating carnivore ruined their relationship with food. I am mending that and saying no, it was how the ‘powers-that-be’ allowed American food to become; over processed, addictive, lacking in nutrition, and flooded with harmful chemicals from farming, and turning cooking and eating into entertainment that ruined our relationship with food. This was all done in the name of profiting from illness and addiction. It is not beef that has ruined the planet but unchecked greed.

Eating meat is going to reset your body. It will remember how it was made to function. Eating food in neon colors is not normal. Mono-cropping is not normal and is bad for the planet. Animals exist to provide food, and clothing for people. THIS is the natural order of things.

Want to be healthier? First take a good, honest look at your diet. Change whatever is not working for you instead of continuing down an unhealthy path and waiting for it to work for you, take charge of yourself!

If you have been plant based or plant heavy in your eating style, go slow. Add in a steak everyday and an egg or two. Remove from your menu all dark leafy greens and/or all white foods such as potatoes, rice, beans grains, and legumes. Be sure to drink enough water. Stop drinking soft drinks fruit juices, green smoothies, etc.

Keep a food diary. Note what works and what does not.

Good luck… keep going!