Kiddie pool garden

This is my BIG, pink, kiddie pool garden. I don’t think most garden centers still have potting soil available this time of year. It could use about five more bags but I can make do with this amount (12-15 bags?). I lost… Read More

Butterflies & boxes

Is it not beautiful? I went over to my mom and dad’s house yesterday to help them with their garage sale. One time when, Mom was speaking with a customer, I spotted this guy climbing up one of mom’s fences. He was… Read More

Garden ideas

Photo is from a Greek monastery garden. Now all I need are some hard working monks to make my garden dreams come true.

Jesus heals the woman with the issue of blood

Can you imagine bleeding your whole entire life? Not only that, but because your culture believes that a woman’s menstruation is a cures, you cannot go to church (synagogue) as long as you are bleeding. You are entirely cut off form your… Read More

Carnivore diet update

After an extended period of cheating, I am back to eating mostly meat. If I’m not eating meat, I am eating dairy or eggs. Last night for dinner I ate Fage 5% yogurt with two raw egg yolks and a bit of… Read More

Save your life first

I found this poem on the site of a botanical artist whom I admire. One of the reasons I am working to improve my art skills is to ‘save myself’. Many women in the past… and present, have been able to support… Read More

I keep trying; nothing works but meat

I made a mistake last week. I had watched a video about soaking beans in an acidic water solution to break down some of the toxins before cooking and eating the beans. I knew about soaking beans in water (You then must… Read More

Happy Independence Day!

Movie suggestion for the day. I know there are more but these two are my favorites. My husband will probably want to watch: Independence Day. Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Vegan recipe for the fast

It is not oil or dairy free. Adjust as you wish. You could omit the oil and just either use the cider vinegar or a lime o lemon squeezed over the salad.  This recipe is from, Lidia’s Italy… that PBS show. Ingredients… Read More

I have a small garden

I feel a bit, Karen Blixen from Out of Africa writing this. In the opening of the movie; Out of Africa, she says, ‘I had a farm in, Africa.’ It was a big deal for her. This garden is a big deal… Read More