Should you vaccinate against measles?

Today on a world news program, one of the news anchors claimed that there was a measles outbreak among unvaccinated communities. What she failed to mention (possibly to scare people into being vaccinated?) was that many of those infected had already received the measles vaccine. Fearmongering has long been used as a tactic … Continue reading Should you vaccinate against measles?


Struggling with Christian female identity

As I watched a program the other day on which two men were dressed as women in garish, bright yellow dresses, I lamented the state of our nation. Not just for this, but for so many things we are getting wrong in America right now. As a protestant woman, there are pressures put upon us … Continue reading Struggling with Christian female identity

What’s your icon situation?

If you read one person's opinion you'll see that they place prayer above icons: 'My grandmother had only one small set of icons and prayed to them everyday. Don't become an icon junky.' vs. 'Put an icon of the Theotokos (Mother of God) in every room and carry one with you where ever you go.'. … Continue reading What’s your icon situation?

This dog almost died today from over vaccination

I held her in my arms as my sister and I raced to the vet to save her. She made it, but just barely. As soon as she arrived home form the vet from having her; rabies, parvo and distemper vaccines, she was fed 1/2 of a Benadryl as a precautionary measure. It saved her … Continue reading This dog almost died today from over vaccination

How meat is saving my life

When I was 30, I had a cancer scare. When I was 31, I had another one. With a cancer scare comes surgeries to remove tissue for biopsies. When you spend a summer with tubes inside of you, recovering from surgery, you have time to think about life, your future (will I have one?) and … Continue reading How meat is saving my life

Ten years ago vs. now challenge

There is a social media challenge going on presently involving people posting photos of themselves 10 years ago along side photos taken recently. The objective is to show how much you have changed. I began looking through old photos and quite frankly, I cannot handle the painful memories associated with many of the photos I … Continue reading Ten years ago vs. now challenge