10 reasons to drink Ningxia Red by, Young Living everyday

In my continuing quest for improved health, and to keep myself as able as possible to fend of viruses, part of my health regimen involves a commitment of drinking Ningxia Red everyday and today is my first day.

My bottles just arrived and I am joining the team challenge to drink Ningxia Red everyday. I am also taking the,

Supports joint health*
Supports recovery time of joints after exercise*
Supports normal range of motion*
Supports bone health*
Supports normal metabolic functions and circulation*
Aids the immune system*
Supports hair and skin health*

For hair and skin health among other benefits. See list in caption.

Back to the Ningxia Red. Here are the ten reasons to drink it everyday:

  1. It boosts your immune system. Something to think about as we move back inside for the fall and winter months that are coming.
  2. It is an antioxidant.
  3. Supports normal eye health.
  4. Supports healthy digestion.
  5. Can boost energy levels without caffeine.
  6. Supports whole body health and wellness.
  7. Supports normal cellular function.
  8. May be beneficial in obtaining, and maintaining a healthy weight.
  9. Supports cardiovascular and circulatory wellness (hello my diabetic friends).
  10. May help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Some of these descriptions have been taken from the Young Living website.

This is a 30 day challenge. I still need to take before photos of my hair. At the end of 2003 and into 2004, I became quite ill and almost died. My hair fell out in clumps. It started to recover-ish and then I had cataract surgery a few years ago. The doctor put me on steroid eye drops which caused many issues with my health that I am still working on overcoming. One of which is hair-loss. I sometimes feel little hairs poking me when I rest my arm on top of my head. Either they are breaking off or growing back. I think they are trying to grow back but my hair line looks like an east coast shore line after a hurricane. It keeps receding.

If you would like to join me in my 30-day Ningxia challenge, you may do so by following this LINK and shopping for Ningxia Red. If you are asked for it, my member number is 30194809.

The fact about trying out new plans to improve health is that you do not know if it will work until you try. I cannot make any guarantees nor predict how this supplement will benefit you, or that it will. It all comes down to how ill you are, how much healing your body needs to do and if you are diligent in taking it everyday as directed. In other words, it only works as well as you are committed to being well.

Wellness is not a spectator sport. Contrary to the dictionary, wellness is not a noun… it is a verb. It is a state of being well achieved through active participation. You do not simply read about things to do to feel better, you experiment and find a wellness path that works for you.

I cannot read about supplements and hope that through osmosis they make me well. No, I must work out which supplements are the most beneficial for me and then take them on a regular basis.

If you wish to explore your wellness path, let us do so together.

When healing comes from outside the accepted box of ‘wisdom’

con·ven·tion·al wis·dom Learn to pronounce nounnoun: conventional wisdom; plural noun: conventional wisdoms

  1. a generally accepted theory or belief.

Beef, salt, water (often in the form of coffee). Everyday… all day.

That was her diet for 3 months. Not 100% but enough to do what she was told avoiding beef and eating chicken would do but it did not. Eating beef HEALED HER.

Being told to avoid eating beef because it causes health issues is right up there with the great myth that, ‘if you keep making that face your whole face will freeze and you’ll look like that forever!’. Lies, lies, lies.

If you think the nightly news, or morning news shows, or prime time t.v. are great places to receive accurate nutritional information… think again. Accurate nutritional information doesn’t even come from trained nutritionists! All it means when some one claims to be a certified nutritionist is that they learned what they were told and regurgitated the information accurately but what have they really studied and learned if they only vomit back the same information they have been fed and do not do their own research?

The person I mentioned above fought stage 3c breast cancer and lived. Stage 3c is the stage right before stage 4 cancer. She went to a nutritionist who told her not to eat beef because it would aggravate her condition and could cause her cancer to return. Lies, lies, lies. This person just had another scan yesterday after being on the lioness diet for three months. Everything is normal. No ‘hot spots’! Hot spots when she ate chicken and no beef. No hot spots eating beef and no chicken.

Her words to me:

‘We used to sit around and mock you for eating so much beef. We were sure you would drop dead any day… but you didn’t. Now I think you’ll out live us all!’.

My dear readers, there is a reason why beef is attacked on a regular basis and it’s not because raising beef is bad for the environment.

Eating meat heals the human body. Now, if you’re eating that beef with highly processed foods, you will not receive the benefits eating beef provides. You must stop eating processed foods.

Beef, salt, water (sometimes made into coffee) eventually maybe some fruit once and a while but not much and not too soon especially if you have metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes, obesity, etc.) and need to lose weight.

It’s not too late. It’s not too late to reclaim your health!

Here are some resources for you.




Another person’s testimony.

Then, there is this guy. Please watch the video. I recommend at 1.25x speed.

Falling in love with Jack Lalanne

Exercising around here has fallen away to the point of non-existence for me. My hands have been acting up quite a bit which makes lifting very difficult. What to do?

I climbed inside my ‘way-back machine’ and rediscovered Mr. jack Lalanne. Mr. Lalanne had a fitness t.v. show that spanned from 1951-1985. I never once watched it growing up but now on Youtube, he lives again and disperses fitness wisdom, enthusiasm, and encouragement.

Jack’s exercise technique is called, ‘trimnastics’. No iron, not heavy lifting (although he was one of the first advocates of women lifting weights). Body weight exercises used to be ‘the thing’.

I think that when ‘Pumping Iron’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger came out body weight exercises we forgotten. Body weight exercises are an effective way to trim up and lose weight without putting undo strain on joints, ligaments and muscle. Seldom do you see a fat yogi, fat Sensi, or fat Qi gong practitioner. Many do not ‘sling iron’. They use slow movement and body weight resistance to achieve their fitness goals.

If you are someone who is having issues getting going on working out because you think you need various pieces of workout equipment or you need to ‘sling iron’ you might want to look into some of Mr. Lalanne’s workouts on Youtube. You might just find a workout you can do.

John Mackey is right and he triggered a whole mess of ignorant snowflakes

John Mackey was quoted (in a poorly written People magazine article by Eric Todisco)as saying, “The best solution is not to need healthcare,”… and he is absolutely right.

Clean eating and movement are two of the main ways you can take control of your health right now… today.

The backlash on social media was incredible and incredibly stupid. The things people said were unbelievable. If people really believe the things they blurb out on social media, the outlook for the future is more dismal than I had originally thought. This also explains why so many people are against natural holistic wellness. They have been very effectively brain washed.

John Mackey did not say what he said to get people to buy more kale, he said what he said because after decades of working closely with, and consuming, nutritious foods he has seen first hand the benefits of eating a clean diet. It confuses me as to why some people are having such a violent emotion reaction to what he said. I do not understand the hate toward healthy eating. Also, Eric Todisco’s article is so poorly written it reads as if he is blaming healthy eating for certain diseases.

“heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease — are all related to healthy eating.”

Quote from People magazine article on John Mackey Jan. 5, 2021

“The best solution is to change the way people eat, the way they live, the lifestyle, and diet.” he added. “There’s no reason why people shouldn’t be healthy and have a longer health span. A bunch of drugs is not going to solve the problem.” -John Mackey. These are just some of the words for which Mr. Mackey is being vilified. 1. He is criticized simply for being wealthy (DO BETTER AMERICA) 2. People are (I hope. At least they sound as if they are) being deliberately ignorant and pedantic about what he said. Pedantic about things he never said. I think that is what I find most annoying.

We are so disconnected about nutrition and the roll it plays in being healthy that THIS is considered to be what a healthy woman looks like…

Is it safe to eat fast food every day? - Quora
Photo from Quora.com

It is not.

What strange times we live in when obese people are labeled as healthy and clean eating is the enemy.

Clean eating and moving your body can do wonders for your health. don’t give up. Don’t give in to the hype that processed foods are just as healthy or that good nutrition cannot improve your health. I am so disappointed in the reactions to this article.

The lies you are told

This image is the property of Cosmopolitan magazine and will be removed upon request.

This is FAR from healthy. What is her fasting glucose number? What is her blood pressure? How far can she walk without shortness of breath? Putting on a workout outfit does not make one fit and healthy!!

She is morbidly obese and there is a reason why it is called ‘morbid obesity’ because obesity at this level kills.

Lose weight in 2021. Get fit and healthy.


Transformation Workbook

‘You can’t plow a field by turning it over in your mind.’ Mark Twain What he is saying is that if you want to see change, you must be proactive Presently, my workbook is on sale for the month of January. Get your copy before the price goes up. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase this book. When you make your purchase, send a screen shot of the completed order and I will email the pdf to you.


Get fit in 2021 challenge. Who is with me?

We can form a community if you need one for motivation and accountability.

Are you ready to transform?

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The Transformation Book is now FREE

Excerpt from introduction:

Dear Reader,

You hold in your hands an instrument of change… not a magic wand. It is a map, of sorts, but must you must do the traveling.

Here you are at START. For whatever reason, you made the choice to purchase this book of Transformation. It is also your choice to put in the effort, or let this sit on your shelf, back seat of your car, or in your backpack unused. In other words; you will get out of it what you put into it.

Inside you will find; pages you can use to log what you eat, how much water you drink, the supplements you take, and your workouts. I suggest either adding more blank pages or purchasing some sort of workout journaling system you will use. Tracking your progress brings about more success than if you do not. There are also motivational quotes and journaling prompts to help you stay focused.

The goal in creating this was to make a fun, yet useful tool to guide you on your transformational journey to improved health, and weight loss, if that is what is needed.

From the book: Transformation by Melissa Bishop

Friday is the beginning of the New Year. Are you ready for a new you? When I was a Mary Kay Consultant, our director used to say, ‘Working will when wishing won’t!’.

All transformation takes work. To help you through your transformation process, I have written a workbook that includes; meal plans, workouts, suggestions for supplements, encouragement and some straight talk about wellness and food addiction.

If being unhealthy makes you more vulnerable to Covid and other illness, take back your life and health. Stop living in a prison of fat and exhaustion. Why not may 2021 your healthiest year yet?

The Transformation book is here…

If those are tough words to read, try being the loved one of a Type 2 diabetic or an obese person. So your feelings are hurt… their lives are a wreck because of you. If you are obese, or diabetic, and your loved ones are still there caring for you maybe give them a gift of a healthy you? They are loyal to you. They love you. They have devoted a certain amount of time to care for you. Repay their kindness by making some positive life changes to improve your health.

Excerpt from my new book: Transformation

I hope that does not sound too harsh. It is an excerpt from my workbook I am offering to you to help you get started on your own fitness journey. I decided to write up the food plan and workouts I have been doing that have helped me to lose weight, and offer them to you to use yourself if you so choose.

This is the surprise I told about that I have been working on.

My book is called: Transformation.

The cost of the workbook is, $4.99. There is a place below where you make your purchase. After Paypal notifies me that the payment went through, I will send a pdf to you via email that you can open and use for your Transformation. If you do not receive the pdf, Paypal may not have notified me of your purchase. In that case, email a screen shot of the order confirmation form Paypal showing the purchase was made and I will send the pdf to you.

Please make sure you give a valid email where to send the pdf.

Transformation Workbook

Workout and meal plan.


You will get out of this what you put into it. You can download it and recreate your own fitness journal or use it straight. Just use it.

I Made This Animated GIF | Princess bride, You got this, Health

If you have any questions, please contact me through the blog or leave a comment. If you want to start a fitness club we can look into that. Let’s make 2021 better for our health than 2020!

Setting new goals

Goal Digger Art Print by bitzco | Society6

I was just talking to my trainer friend about hitting my new weight loss level (32 since I began training with her but a total of 52 since July). She has challenged me to drop 28 pounds by the end of February.

I have set the goal. I will complete it.

I find setting goals to be electrifying. I used to be intimidated by them but I now enjoy the focus and determination that come from having the deadline in front of me.

What recent goals have you set for yourself?

I waste my time, Lord have mercy

Ancient Christian Wisdom | A Meeting of Minds

Lest anyone should think that I am some sort of pious woman who does everything right in her life let me erase any and all delusions and illusions I may have inadvertently created by writing about my Orthodox life, let me assure you I am no one to look up to in living a good, balanced Christian life. I try. I struggle. It’s hard. One of the (many) things I struggle with is keeping the fast. I make notes in my planner. I write the schedule on my blog so that others can have easy access to the information but I am not an example of how to do it right. I am more the reference desk lady you see in the library… if you could gain physical access to a library.

The reason why I am telling you this is because last night I began reading the book pictured: The Epistles and the Apocalypse by Archbishop Averky. I am at the very beginning. In the first pages, we see the account of Paul admonishing Peter for being a hypocrite about food. Hmmm, sounds familiar so I thought I would fess up. During any fast it is emphasized to treat people better, to make amends, forgive and seek forgiveness. This I am a bit better at (only because I have a big mouth and am constantly seeking forgiveness from those whom I have offended), and I try my best to be forgiving. Holding a grudge is poison and it is not my job to punish, or ‘fix’ anyone.

My blog exists to tell people about Orthodoxy (and other things which pertain to healthy, happy living). To give book reviews, and suggestions for reading. To pray for you if you would like me to pray for you. To put a little tealight on the path for you to tell you, ‘this way’.

As I continue to read this most excellent book I pray to be… well… not equal to the apostles because they went through some horrible things and I am a coward. Maybe to be less than the apostles but still gain victory over this world through the grace of God. I realize I have been trying to do so much of this on my own and not through the grace of God. No wonder I fail on a regular basis. Lord have mercy.

I am still walking the weight loss path. My current total pounds dropped is 32. This is also difficult. Life is full of difficult things. Some lead you to a better life, some lead to destruction. I would rather struggle toward perfection than ever think I had obtained it. It is not the falling down that unravels us, it’s the never getting back on our feet.

If you have been struggling in your Christina walk, take heart. You are still struggling which means you have not given up. That is its own success!

Keep struggling my friends. God is merciful and He loves us!