“V” illuminated letter

I created this using Pen+Gear Walmart brand permanent markers instead of gouache or watercolor paint. The gold in the letter is Winsor & Newton gold metallic ink. After it dries you place a piece of acetate over the letter and then smooth… Read More

Inktober is coming…

And isn’t it just SO tempting to go out and buy a bunch of new art supplies in order to participate? Some art supply companies are even trying to cash in on FOMO (fear of missing out) by offering mystery art supply… Read More

Nature sketch: Hyena

My hyena looks like a lion… After some tweaking.   Ok NOW I’ll stop messing… maybe.

Make a career out of your wonder

I talk quite a bit about wonder/wonderment. Not so much here, but is a big part of my off line life. Despite all of the talk about, ‘climate change’, locally sourced food, etc., our society has moved away from nature to our… Read More

Garden ideas

Photo is from a Greek monastery garden. Now all I need are some hard working monks to make my garden dreams come true.

Save your life first

I found this poem on the site of a botanical artist whom I admire. One of the reasons I am working to improve my art skills is to ‘save myself’. Many women in the past… and present, have been able to support… Read More

Wild flowers and giant puppies

I have been at my sister’s house lately taking care of the nephew’s giant puppy. My sister had to step out for a while which is why I was watching the dog. The dog was spayed on Friday last. You couldn’t tell… Read More

WWTTD:What Would Tasha Tudor Do?

From her clothes, to her home, the cats in sleeping in mixing bowls, her homespun and hand sewn clothes, etc. Tasha Tudor is my mentor (and Jessica Soward from Roots and Refuge helps me too!) of course, neither of these women know… Read More

Art, science & religion

I find it odd that so many people believe that you are either a scientist, an artist, or a Christian. It is easier, however, or people to believe a person would be an artist and a Christian before believing they are a… Read More