Do you know what you don’t know?

When I was in school, I never studied something if I thought I already knew about the subject. I  also was shocked when my teachers would ask me, 'Why didn't you ask questions?'. The later had nothing to do with the former. I just never knew what questions to ask. If the topic was new, … Continue reading Do you know what you don’t know?


What do we do with mushrooms?

Just because I love botanical art does not mean I am a botanist. The Denver School of Botanical Art offers a class on Botany for the Botanical Artist because few botanical artists know anything about plants. Imagine my surprise when the other day I was looking at another botanical artist's website and read something she … Continue reading What do we do with mushrooms?

Stop judging and start giving

You're richer than you know and you can give more than you are... IF you are giving. Many people in America think they don't make enough money to help others in need. They think that philanthropy is a rich person's game. It is not. From the Salvation Army Red kettle drive to your local food … Continue reading Stop judging and start giving

Beware cheat days

I gambled... and lost. On Saturday, hubby and I were out running errands. I had a pretty good discount on gas saved up (.80 off per gallon) and we set out to use it in his big Yukon XL after we went to the post office. On the way to the gas station, 8 miles … Continue reading Beware cheat days

What is lost with sola scriptura

Pretty much, the only story most Christians... most Protestant Christians hear about the Apostle Thomas is how he doubted the resurrection of Christ and said he would not believe until he had seen Christ's wounds and stuck his fingers into them as proof. He will always be known as 'Doubting Thomas' in all of Protestantism. … Continue reading What is lost with sola scriptura

Beware imposters

In your search for information about how to eat on the carnivore diet, and for anecdotal stories of those who have already tried it, you will inevitably run into fakes, frauds and just plain liars. There are those who cannot leave other people to their God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … Continue reading Beware imposters

It’s not a fad

While the carnivore way of eating is not a fad, it is perhaps the most suppressed, healthy way of eating. One commonly referenced 'meat eater' is Owsley Stanley, also known as, 'The Bear'. He was the sound man for the band, The Grateful Dead. He died in a car accident in 2011. Here is a … Continue reading It’s not a fad