Why I hate Patreon

Imagine… being invited over to a friend’s home for tea. You are excited! You get dressed up, do your hair and make up and bring her a little gift to show your appreciation to her for opening up her home to you. When you arrive at her home, you are greeted by her and before you walk in the front door, she holds out her hand and asks you for money. the dollar amount does not matter. The fact that there is a demand for payment before you can access your friend, her time and her conversation is, well… whorish.

Yes, I understand that the Internet is a good place to make money and Patreon has certainly cashed in on that idea, however, where does it stop?

People are always complaining of the lack of community on the Internet. They say that social media is more like anti-social media. Well, what do you think CHARGING for community does? And then, people who are on Instagram and Face book send out tantalizing messages trying to entice you into buying their time on Patreon. Post such as, ‘I just posted about… xyz over on my Patreon account. If you want to see what I wrote you will need to become a member of that community.’ I think I will do a hard pass on that, thanks.

Like most television, the Internet is boring enough for free. Why would I spend money to read about it?

Patreon is odd to me. Sure there are tutorials and things being offered but there are plenty of great websites for that already; Domestika, Udemy, to name just a couple, and there are people’s individual sites offering lessons and tutorials.

To me, Patreon feels like you’re being given a ‘shake down’ by some back alley thugs. Instead of protection money you are being charged for content that used to be free.

“Look! ALL of the COOL kids are paying to get into MY club!” Meh, not all of us are.