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This starter bundle includes the following:

Basic Starter Bundle

The Basic Starter Bundle offers you one premium essential oil blend, Stress Away™, and includes a sampling of our most-used products. Sampling may be your preferred way to experience the Young Living difference.


These are the most used Young Living products and I can see why. Stress away essential oil blend is going to help you quell those feelings we all seem to be experiencing more and more these days. There is so much turmoil in the world and in our country right now. Stress Away helps relieve nervous tension. It supports your nervous system. It can help you relax. You can use it as a natural perfume. Helps calm children and animals. Helps children who are struggling with big emotions (grown-ups too!).

How does this offer work? Anyone who purchases this bundle and tries it out, THEN orders at least $100.00 in Young living products from my site, will receive a $25.00 refund on this bundle from me. Basically, you get to try out this bundle, red about Young living and essential oils, decide if you want to become a customer (or brand partner) receive free shipping on your order of $100.00 or more and walk away with $25.00. That is a sweet deal!

If you choose to purchase this $25.00 bundle (shipping is extra) but then you decide not to place a follow up order. All you have spent is $25.00 plus a bit of shipping. No harm, no foul but also no $25.00 refund.

Use this LINK to order your Starter Bundle.

Are you ready to try something that has the potential to be truly life changing?

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