Outlander, season 1, episode 16, To Ransom a Man’s Soul

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I am just now watching, Outlander while I house, and dog, sit for my sister. I decided to catch up on some episodic t.v. since she has cable and I do not.

I remember a couple of years ago, PBS was airing a special where people voted for their favorite books, Outlander was pretty high on the list. I have not read any of the books so I have no idea how detailed the author is in describing the rape and torture of one of the main characters, Jamie Fraser. However, on the episode, it was incredibly, and in my opinion- unnecessarily graphic.

In one of my favorite t.v. shows, M*A*S*H, an episodic t.v. show that ran for years (pretty much during most of my childhood), although it is about a mobile surgical unit during the Korean war, there is no gore, and no swear words.

Did you get that? Nothing horrible. it well describes the horrors of war and the frustration and, at times, despair of the surgical and support staff WITHOUT using graphic language or shock techniques.

What I do find shocking is what is considered ok to be labeled as acceptable entertainment in a country that used to call itself Christian. To answer the question some of you are undoubtedly asking yourselves, no I did not watch the icky parts of this episode. I fast forwarded through them. Why? A couple of reasons; 1. Yes, I am squeamish. But, 2. I am also a child. A child of God. Jesus said we are to be like little children. I would never subject a child to horrific scenes of rape and torture so why voluntarily allow it to happen to myself? 3. As a Christian I should have standards apart from the world’s.

Matthew 18:1-5 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

There is nothing in the official ‘adulting handbook’ that says I must be will to be corrupted in order to be an authentic adult.

Even if people are around watching something I personally find reprehensible, I do not need to participate. I can plug my ears, and close my eyes or I can leave the room and come back when things have calmed down.

I wonder if the author was affected in anyway when she wrote that section of the book?

If this episode had been filmed in the 970’s by the crew that worked on, M*A*S*H, the conversation between, Claire and Murtagh at the monastery where, Murtagh explains to her that, Jamie is feeling suicidal because he was raped and tortured would have sufficed in getting across the horrors experienced by, Jamie at the hands of Captain Randall.

Although I watched them in FF some of the scenes I caught as they flashed by were gratuitous and unnecessary in moving the episode, and story, forward.

Why should something like this matter to a grown Christian? Well, as I said before, we are children. Our innocence matters. Not just to God but, hopefully to ourselves as new creations in Christ. We are called to be in the world but not of it. Our standards and values as Christians have slipped. Fifty Shades of Grey was called, ‘porn for Christian moms’! Really?! Come on… REALLY?!

If you are someone who indulges in these seemingly ‘innocent’ diversions, it might be time for you to turn over a new leaf? If you are part of the college, or young professionals groups at chruch and you know they are living lives of lies, you CAN walk away.

I remember once as a young adult in a big city being pressured to go out to night clubs after work. I replied that I was a Christian and did not do those sorts of things. Someone nearby heard me and exclaimed that they too were a Christian and they went to nightclubs. I did not want to offend them but I really did want to challenge them and talk to them more about what it means to be a Christian… what it REALLY means.

Being a Christian… being a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST means no drinking, smoking, doing drugs, sleeping around or dressing seductively. YOU are the Christian. Your standards, my standards are now different. I am a follower of Christ. That is the definition of ‘Christian’ and as such I must be different. If you cannot change and cleanup your act when you are baptized into Christ, why get baptized at all? Wait until you are no longer being a hypocrite to get baptized. I am not talking about slipping up, repenting and seeking forgiveness. I am talking about NEVER changing.

Being warned about not taking the Lord’s name in vain is not about cussing (although it is a good idea not to cuss the Lord’s name) it is about claim to be a Christian and never acting like a Christian. This means you do not have sex outside of marriage. Want to have sex? Get married! Are you a drug addict? Go to rehab and get off of whatever you are on. Are you used to watching horror movies, pornography, shows with excessive violence or dark themes? You must protect your innocence and stop watching these things. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and genitals are all access points to your soul. Keep a close guard on them so that you are not violated, so that you can remain an innocent and new creation in Christ!

And yes, I ended up abandoning Outlander. There was too much to FF through.