What do you bring to the altar?

First Visit to an Orthodox Church (pt. 2): Passageway vs Preparation - Gary  Neal Hansen -

In the scripture when we read about the birth of Christ, we see the example set by the Wise Men to bring gifts to our King. Over the years this has been replaced by some who say WE are the gift. Really? With all of our sins… WE are a gift to God? Hardly. When approaching an icon of the Mother of God for a request, why not bring even a small collection of flowers? Does your home altar reflect reverence and devotion or is it more than a little bit neglected?

Light your candles (but do not leave them unattended!). Light and burn incense. Dust it. Place flowers or other offerings upon it. We see examples of offerings being brought in the OT. Jesus was the SIN offering but that does not mean He cancelled out our bringing other offerings of gratitude, love, affection, joy, etc.

There is no one way set in stone to worship the Lord. We hear and see this all of the time so why balk at showing outwardly your love and devotion by bringing a gift to the altar?


This is in the NT, not the OT. Where is your gift?