Recovering from trauma bonding with essential oils

Vanilla Essential Oil #32741| 100 percent pure and quality tested

Remember: you were the only one truly invested in the good times. For your abuser, those good times were simply a form of periodic love-bombing, a form of intermittent reinforcement that kept you under their control while feeding you crumbs.

From the website: Thought Catalog

Abuse recovery can be difficult, to say the least. Your mind begins to wander over every word, every argument, every holiday, every gift given and hateful thing said to you. It can be a long, arduous process. Essential oils might possibly be able to help you manage your healing process.

Vanilla essential oil by Young Living is a great start, or addition to, your essential oil collection. Vanilla essential oil has relaxation and calming properties which can possibly help ground you and quiet down those whirling thoughts we can get when we are trying to make big decisions, and drastic changes.

If you wish to you can purchase just the vanilla oil. If you would like to exercise some creativity, you can purchase additional oils and create your own exciting blends to diffuse, wear with essential oil jewelry or rub on your hands and pulse points.

Here are some recipes to use with your vanilla essential oil. While I am always happy to add new customers to my business, these oils and recipes can be used with your favorite oil brands. I hope one day one of those will be Young Living.

Vanilla oil blends to try at home:

You are not alone. You might feel alone but there is always help available. Please look up resources in your area that can help you leave a dangerous situation and/or help you begin, or continue your path to wellness.