Woke Florida Doctors embarrass themselves

Florida Doctors Stage Symbolic Walkout Over Surge in Unvaxxed Patients
Image from Business Insider

For decades they sat by silently while a high carb, low-fat diet caused illness and death and did nothing. They did nothing while doctors around them caused people to become addicted to painkillers. Soda and candy machines in schools, silence. They kept to themselves the information about the long term effects on women’s bodies caused by birth control pills, ivf, and abortions.

I truly think that if doctors suddenly had a pay cut and/or could not make as much money (books, speaking gigs, supplements, etc. as they do from illness things would turn around in the medical community.

Suddenly THESE doctors are showing ‘deep concern’ about being around un-‘vaccinated’ people?

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Australian Parliament member, George Christensen fighting for the rights of the people. Short summary of video: The Australian gov. fired upon its own people. See what happens when you give up your guns? You have fight, unarmed against a well armed foe.