What an energy healer sees in her clients with the big ‘V’

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Today I want to share my experience in working with Covid19 as a healer. During the pandemic I had for about 30 clients with Covid, so let’s talk about it. ⠀

First of all, what do I see with my vision:⠀

— Covid19 is totally «hand-made» program⠀

— It «sits» on our auric body on upper chakras and «eats» / «erases» them (like an eraser cleans pencil writing)⠀

— The feeling of Covid is super strong, can’t be confused with something else; in all of my cases I was right about it even when tests showed positive results only 3-4 days later⠀

— It feels like super strong inflammation of whole upper auric body, just destroying everything on its way. Even a cancer is not so spread!⠀

— At a glance at almost all cases it has both viral and bacterial manifestations — a huge amount of red and blue dots⠀

— If first two waves aimed our heart center and attacked people who held tones of resentment to the world, the third wave (delta version) is now attacking stomach center of those who have anger problems and social disconnection ⠀

— After it’s gone, in some hard cases there is NO auric body at all… We need to grow new one very fast, because the person is not «living» at the full meaning of this word⠀

— After the illness a person feels depressed, lost contact with the world and God. And it’s because connections are literally gone!⠀
We need to discover the reason of previous weak connections and rebuild new ones. ⠀
My idea is that it’s «eating» upper channels of those whose connections to God were already weak or somehow bad, when a person had lost her or his God inside long time ago. This why it’s not touching everyone.⠀

— When smells and tastes are gone and not returned — I see purple constructions fixating nose and throat zones. ⠀
We are still trying to fix this with one of my clients, and the process is hard and long, but after our work she had her first smells back in three sessions, still not regular. ⠀

Her handle is @amrita.veda

What do YOU think? How are you sitting with God right now? Maybe you’re safer in church than separated from God,.