Are you a negative person?

Toxic People (Quotes)

Perhaps it’s just me, but there seems to be an over abundance of negativity these days. We have so much information these days that many people seem themselves as ‘experts’ on a topic but what they’re really doing is quoting someone else’s work, describing why your great idea or plans will fail all while thinking they are doing you a great service.

Want to know what to do when people try to deliver their negativity to you?

Return to Sender” Meme | A Dose A Day

Here is an example: You have a great idea for a business, or you want to move to a smaller/larger city. You tell someone you think is your ‘go-to’ person for positive reinforcement. Instead of receiving positive, supportive feed back from them, they rain on your happiness.

Oh… I have an example. I told someone I wanted to learn how to ring the bells at church. Their reply?

“I thought you hated loud noises?”. What has that to do with a desire to learn something new and WHY, oh why bring it up?

While it is true that a couple of years ago I had one of my ear drums wrecked when the puppy yelped loudly near it and now that particular ear is ultrasensitive, that is NO reason for this person to bring such a thing up other than to be a Debbie Downer.

I think people who do this on a regular basis are mentally ill and/or broken. This is my unprofessional OPINION, but think about it for a minute, especially if you’re someone who does this. There are many benefits associated with why someone wants to do something but the most important thing is that THEY WANT TO DO IT! You have only one job as a friend or family member, support them. They are not telling you their dream so that you can rain on it. They are telling you because they are happy and want to share their happy with someone they love… you.

Just because you have no imagination, no ambition, just because you are content with staying at home all of the time and never taking a risk does not give you the right to keep everyone else around you down.

I hear people sniping at other people all of the time just for wanting to do something the sniper deems unpleasant or unworthy of themselves. fine, do not do the thing your friend is excited about but please, in the name of love stop verbalizing your negativity!

There is SO much negativity going on right now. It is its own disease but you can fight it!

Remember when Jesus told the mourners to leave before He rose up Lazarus from death? He had to get them out of the room so that the atmosphere could be changed. having a bunch of wailing people in the room when you are trying to perfomr a resurrection makes it tough to get the job done. Silence is better than negativity or forced joy. Jesus knew they could not be supportive because all they saw was death. he made them leave in order for their perspective not not interfere with His plans.

sometimes, we must do the same thing. We must prune our relationships in order to get what we need out of them.

If you think you are the smartest person int he room and no one can function without your ‘wisdom’ and yet your pool of friends is slowly shrinking, perhaps it is time to step back and review your words over the last few weeks, months or even years.

Now more than ever, people need encouragement. Let them make their own mistakes. If you are beginning to feel left out, perhaps it is time to take some risks of your own?


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