Break’s over!

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It was a short one!

I thought it would be longer but there is so much going on and I want to grow this blog so back to it!

Yesterday was my father’s 80th birthday. After the strawberry pie, my sister took dad to the Flying W Ranch for dinner and a show, the nephew took a date to Cave of the Winds, and I sat and had a lovely visit with my mother for a couple hours. My husband, who did not attend the party (and it’s ok) texted me to tell me we had had a power outage due to lightning. I decided to go home a little while after receiving his text. Mom and I went down to the first floor in her apartment building, she and dad live on the fourth floor, to take her dogs on a walk before the rain hit.

Typically, the storms come over the mountains first where we live then hit the rest of the city. Sometimes different areas are hit at different times. By the time we made it to the first floor, it had started to rain. I decided to head home before it came down too hard. I should have stayed at mom’s a bit longer. By the time I grabbed my purse and headed back down, it was raining buckets of water. I was soaked through by the time I made it to my vehicle.

I avoided the areas of road I knew would be flooded and made it home safe and sound. The power outage lasted about 2-2.5 hours or so.

When I was looking for a better church experience and a closer relationship with God, I ended up trolling many Amish websites, and videos on Youtube. At that time I thought I could live without electricity and running water. I’m not so sure these days. I enjoy my comforts; electricity, running water, indoor toilet, easily controlled heating and cooling. I love it all. The power outage reminded me; I am a lover of comfort.

Last week it was very hot several days in a row. As I said, it rained heavily yesterday. I went for a walk this morning and there was haze in the air from the fires but it was still pretty. Kind of looked a bit like a light fog. Maybe there was also moisture form the rain the day before? At any rate, I loved it. I am a ‘fog is fantastic’ kind of person.