Does your church have a cross… anywhere?

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Does your church look like this? Or…
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Or does it look like this?

Have you ever been in a church that had a cross on the wall? Would think it was odd, or wrong, if you saw one suddenly hanging in your church? If you answered, ‘yes’? Why?

Growing up, every church I went to had at least one cross on an interior wall. Usually it was hung behind the pastor at the front of the church so everyone could see it. Why have so many of today’s ‘churches’ removed the cross from their walls?

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Some people believe, erroneously, that the cross is a graven image. Technically, the BIBLE is a graven image bu that doesn’t seem to stop some people from praying to it every service; ‘this is my bible. I can do what it says I can do, etc.’.

When I used to do deliverance ministry, we would plead the blood and the cross between an individual and the adversary. There is power in the cross. I think it’s not only a misunderstanding of scripture that has lead to crosses being removed from churches but because the devil hates the cross since that is where he was defeated. If your church refuses to place a cross on the wall what are they protecting? What are they really teaching?

Some Christians believe that it was ONLY Christ’s resurrection that lead to the defeat of the enemy,however, that was not all that had to happen in order for us to gain victory over sin and death.

Jesus had to die on the cross first. There is no resurrection without first the crucifixion. Do not allow anyone, not even your ‘church’ leaders to take from you the power of the cross! Venerating the cross is not idolatry. Wearing a cross is not gross, nor is it idolatry. There is protective power in the cross and the most powerful symbol of protect IS the Orthodox cross.

Want to enliven Thanksgiving dinner this year? Make the sign of the cross before eating.

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Things are getting confusing, and very much off track for the non-Orthodox Christians. They are straining gnats and swallowing camels.

That is what happens when you do not understand, have, or reject Holy Tradition. Holy Tradition teaches why these things that are now seen by heterodox as wrong are really the way early Christians worshiped. Will prayer one day be rejected because witches, Buddhists and all other religions pray?

The Puritans and Amish both believe that what some call ‘the trappings’ of ancient church worship are wrong. I have found the opposite to be true. These ‘trappings’ are actually right and true and part of the original style of worship within the ancient church. It is ‘ok’ to burn incense, light a candle and have icons and crosses and even a prayer altar in your home. Take your prayers out of the closet/’war room’, set up a home altar and rock that prayer!

When you’re done with that, go ask your pastor why your church does not have a cross hanging on the wall. If he says it’s a graven image, ask him if he knows that the bible is also a graven image, and will he be burning everyone’s bible in the church parking lot later?

WHY YOU NEED A CRUCIFIX ON YOUR WALL Please do not be a bigot and dismiss this article because it is written by a Roman Catholic. It has good information beneficial to your edification.

Part 2. Now if you have made this far and have figured out that having a cross in your home is not a bad thing… you know, that you know, that you know, you will not go to hell for it, take the next step.

Put that cross on your wall and pray in front of it. You’re not praying to it, you’re praying in front of it. Even better than an empty cross is a crucifix. It reminds you of why and how you are saved, by the blood, DEATH, and resurrection of Christ.

Every single Orthodox Christian church (unless it’s a mission church in a non-dox built building) has a cross in the roofs.

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You have the free will to reject these ancient beliefs. Beliefs that were part of the early (original Christian churches). But you also have the right to embrace them. Most people only know what they have been told. Few go out and do research. Still fewer people do research in a way that gives them all the information and not just supports the idea they are trying to justify.

Look into the Cross. do a study if you need to but don’t dismiss it just because someone else told you it was a bad thing. It’s THE CROSS. It’s not to be feared by Christians. It’s good. It’s protection. It should be hanging in every place that calls itself a Christian ministry or church.