Journal snippet

Photo by Trac Vu@tracminhvu from Unsplash

I have been jotting down bits of nature observations I make this spring and summer. Here is an excerpt from an entry I made the other day.

I went out into my backyard and gathered chamomile buds this morning. Many were still asleep with their tiny heads bowed down and their petals closed around their ‘faces’. I might have enough to fill a small caper jar a quarter of the way. The magpies were teaching their babies how to fly. The power lines were filled with baby magpies. I was ‘dive-bombed’ a couple times by a concerned parent. What a ruckus they make. I sustained no injuries thankfully. I wonder if the magpies chased away, or worse, ate the chickadees we had visit us earlier in the year? The red-headed finches do not seem affected by the ‘pies’. The female red-headed finch landed in the tree out front. Her mate was investigating the seeds I put put. She groomed her beak on a small branch while she waited to hear his assessment of the available snacks. They decided to move on.
Our new neighbors plan to cut down the beautiful crab-apple tree to make room for more parking. Can you believe that? This tree is large and beautiful. It was planted in 1955. Oh yes… please do remove it so that I can look at your vehicles instead. I’m upset but I realize it is their property and they can do whatever they wish with it. Perhaps I will plant a cherry tree in my backyard? No matter how much I plant I will miss that crab-apple tree and its riot of pink petals falling like rain on everything in the spring.

Melissa Bishop June 2021 journal entry

If you journal and are willing, I would love it if you woudl share some journaling tips.

Thank you.