Bloggy update

I took this pic Sunday morning after spending a rough, storm filled night with, Zora. I truely thought her little heart was going to burst she was panting and shaking so hard. Poor thing. Let me go back to Tuesday…

The Knee Incident: I have a habit of not sitting down in bed bottom first, but rather putting my left knee down first then sitting down. I know this is not good for my knee but I thought I was not putting enough pressure on it to make it act up; I was wrong. It began to slowly ‘be affected’. On Tuesday, I was trying to find something to wear to go for a walk. I turned and stepped wrong. Sharp pain. Stiffness. Heaviness, and I have been hobbling around on it ever since. Thankfully, Zora is not a high maintenance dog. I was able to sit in a recliner with my knee on a pillow for most of the time I was at my sister’s house. I also taped my knee with KT tape which ended up ‘burning’ my skin, causing blood blisters and a rash. Delightful. I will be doing some red light therapy on my knee today to speed up the healing process.

Watching Zora! Zora is my 23 year old nephews kelpie dog. No she cannot turn into a sea creature. She is not THAT kind of kelpie. In fact, despite having webbing between her toes, this dog hates water. I was hanging out with her, and house sitting because she, the rest of her family plus my dad, was in Willow Springs watching my nephew, Colt Nixon 735 race! Follow him on Insta: @coltnixon735

Herbs: I have also been experimenting with herbal tinctures. My next attempt will be a spruce tincture. I saw a spruce tree on my walk yesterday. The buds are still too small to harvest. We live at a higher elevation and spring is slow to arrive. I did see some very large dandelion plants on my walk with leaves that were 6-8 inches in length. Some were almost a foot long. Suburbia does not usually allow plants they consider to be weeds to grow so large. Speaking of weeds, most of my backyard has been taken over by something. I’m not sure what it is. We stopped watering years ago in an effort to spare us from that expense. We think watering grass is kind of silly. Of course our lawn died. Nature abhors a vacuum, therefore something else, something hardier than grass, has replaced our lawn. I have drawn out plans for the backyard. Things I would like to see done; a chapel, a Mary garden where all of the flowers are white, a patch of herbs, a patch of berries, and a vegetable garden. Perhaps we could extend the patio a bit? Maybe put in a gas fire pit and some seating? May it be so.

How are all of you? It seems that while in lockdown, many people forgot how to be human. People barely holding on before the pandemic have seemingly completely reduced themselves to the worst version of themselves.

Violence and bad behavior are choices. choices no one needs to make. Just because it is YOUR [et thing to hate does not make it ok to hate or to become violent. I bring this up because of something I read on Instagram someone had posted. They ended their little ditty with, ‘and punch a man’. I called her out on it but my protests fell on deaf ears. She justified it because she was talking about attacking the ‘patriarchy’. No. Violence is never ok just because it’s your pet hate does not make it acceptable. I don’t care if you are a radical feminist, BLM, Antifa or whatever label you have adopted to make yourself feel good about bad behavior… stop it. Stop being part of the problem.

Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love. -Leo Buscaglia