Lilac tincture

I’m an herbalist… it’s what I do. (Photo credit? It’s mine. I took it. yes I did.)


Lilac blossoms of course.

3 parts vodka

1 part vegetable glycerin

Fill a jar well with the blossoms but do not crush the blossoms or overcrowd. Pack them in up to the top of the jar then pour the vodka and vegetable glycerine over the top. Label it:

Lilac tincture

date it was made:

date it will be ready:

Mine will be finished on July 7th. Lilac is good for; parasites (vermifuge- they stun parasites), it is antiperiodic which means it helps to prevent disease. It is also restorative. Lilac helps to prevent relapses after a patient has healed, it is an antifungal- it purges the body of fungi and lowers the risk of fungal infections, helps to reduce fever, helps to ease anxiety, it’s good for your skin (helps heal burns, reduce wrinkles from sun damage and aging, etc.), antibacterial.

If you look around where you live, you just might discover a medicine chest in your own neighborhood or backyard. Lilac does not grow wild in America. It is native to Europe. If you do not have any bushes, ask your neighbor if you can cut some of their blossoms off in exchange fore some tincture. You do not need many blossoms to make your tincture. This is the bowl I used to harvest the blossoms. I still have some unprocessed blossoms left.

This is a small Pampered Chef bowl that’s about 16.5 years old.

Be sure to harvest your lilacs in the morning when it is still cool and they are a bit dewy (but it’s ok if they are dew free) you want to be sure they are full of their oils. This is best in the morning. You want full, open blossoms. Store them in an air tight jar for 6-8 weeks if using 100 proof vodka or 8-12 weeks if using 80 proof vodka. When finished, transfer liquid to a bottle with an eyedropper if desired for easier administration.

Bible verses supporting the use of herbs.

Revelation 22:2, KJV: “In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

You do not need to wait until you get to heaven or the apocalypse happens to experience the healing power of plants.

Ezekiel 47:12 ESV

And on the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither, nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing.”

What is your favorite tincture or herbal remedy?