We’re not smart enough for autopilot cars


Photo from article in above link

Basically the article talks about two people being killed in an auto accident involving an auto-piloted Tesla car. Are they really ‘auto’ piloted?

Even the Enterprise had to have someone manning the helm at all times. why are people sleeping in their Tesla cars?

I believe that too many sci-fi movies showing drivers asleep at the wheel of their auto-piloted cars has given people who own them a false idea of how they work.

We have put too much trust in technology which in turn has created a false sense of mistrust in human ability.

All technology comes from people. Code is only as good as the person who wrote it. It is a slippery slope to go down to allow machines to think for us. A slippery slope that leads to a trash compactor of doom.

For heaven’s sake people, take back your humanity before it is too late. Stop relying so much on machines. We’re just not here yet!