Initiative 16- because some vegans love animals more than people

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If Initiative 16 passes in Colorado, I will be more worthy of life than a human! Photo by @vanderfilms on Unsplash
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I can be murdered at any stage of life while growing in my mother’s tummy but Initiative 16 protects animals from being butchered (the reason why many of them exist) until they have lived to 25% of their life expectancy. why do you love animals more than me? Photo by
Sharon McCutcheon@sharonmccutcheon on Unsplash

Here is a quote from the, NARAL Pro-choice Colorado website which outlines when a woman may have an abortion.

Colorado is one of the few states where a late abortion can be obtained. Outpatient abortion is available up to 26 weeks. In addition, medically indicated termination of pregnancy up to 34 weeks is also an option for conditions such as fetal anomalies, genetic disorder, fetal demise and/or or severe medical problems.

Folks this is demonic, plain and simple that animal life is more revered than human life. Initiative 16 was written up by 2 members of extremist vegan groups. If this very bizarre initiative passes, many ranches and farms, veterinary practices, horse and other animal breeders will go out of business.

It would be great if far left leaning persons felt the same passion for preserving human life as they do for preserving my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If anyone reading this is a lawmaker or will be voting on this lunacy, I hope you vote against it. Such illogical and radical laws have no place in a modern nation. We are a nation that kills our unborn children but fights to protect the lives of animals who are not being hurt. who live for the sole purpose of providing vital nutrients, as well as much needed products for millions of people? When did we become such fools?

I truly believe we have become so disconnected form nature we no longer understand many of our ancestral practices of agriculture and farming/ranching.

If you would like to read more about the stupidest Initiative to ever grace a Colorado Ballot you can do so with this LINK.

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Killing an entire industry, and forcing the price of animal based products to increase until no one can afford to eat them, is inhumane. Obviously self-hatred has reached new heights in Colorado, so much so that the hate has spread out until it has engulfed all people. This initiative puts a hit out on the health and wellbeing of everyone, even vegans. They just can’t see that far down the road.

Bring back sanity to Colorado. Kill Initiative 16 (formerly known as PAUSE).