What are you promoting?

There is no doubt about it, C.S. Lewis can be tough to understand. He was a scholar and had a large vocabulary. He speaks in a certain formality not common in our modern society. Plus we all have considerably shortened attention spans these days which can make following how he speaks challenging at best. At least for me. Maybe you’re ok with how he talks. Great.

If you find him challenging as I do but you can get past these small barriers, I think you will find his talk interesting and thought provoking.

One of the reasons why I left Protestantism is because too many pastors and leaders were passing off their opinions as biblical fact. In his talk, Lewis proposes that if someone is passing off their opinion as biblical fact, it is because they perhaps did not understand what they read in the bible. That it was so different from their learned world view that they could not comprehend it in the confines of Christianity and so they applied their own opinion to it to help their brain accept it. However, if you do this ‘reinterpretation’, you are no longer promoting Christianity. You are promoting YOUR religious view point which is definitely NOT Christ’s view point.

Christ came to change the way we think. To change the way we worship. To change us to fit into HIS image not Him into our image.

No matter in which Christian camp you have pitched your tent, if you can get through this talk without; nodding off, getting distracted, or becoming offended, I highly recommend you purchase, The Great Divorce written by Lewis, as well as Mere Christianity also written by Lewis.

Christianity is supposed to be united in one belief system and yet there are divisions everywhere. If we who call ourselves ‘christian’ can reunite under the banner of Christ and not our own personal doctrines, we will be once again be a force for good in the world.