Of tea and wildfires

Waldo Canyon Fire - Wikipedia
Waldo Canyon fire in which my sister lost her home.

Years ago, I packed up most of my tea things because Colorado is constantly under threat by one wild fire or another. I envisioned myself tossing (carefully) my precious tea accoutrements into my vehicle and skedaddling at the slightest whiff of smoke. They are still packed up.

It has been nine years since the first threatening fire in our area, Waldo Canyon fire in which my sister lost her home, yet my beautiful tea things are still in protective custody. I find this interesting since the last fire threat happened right in our neighborhood last year. My tea things were the last thing on my mind.

One of my goals this year is to unpack, and enjoy, my tea things. I bought many beautiful tea items because I fancied opening up a tea room in my home. Due unforeseen, and uncontrollable circumstances, that did not happen. However, I still have most of what I need to have a really great tea party. Hmmm perhaps I will end up ‘brewing’ up some tea fun in 2021? Who knows?

In the meantime however, life needs to be enjoyed much more than it is being currently which is why I have decided to unpack those tea items this year. As i unpack, I will photograph the process and explain how to ‘revive’ fine china. In Colorado’s dry climate, porcelain can dry out and end up brittle and crumbling. It is a good idea to immerse your china in warm water from time-to-time to keep it, ‘alive’ and fresh. This strengthens it, as long as it is not soaked forever and a day, and keeps it viable for generations to come. We will see how they have held up, if at all, being inside plastic tubs for 9 years. All my china needs a good cleaning. What a great project to share with you.

Royal Albert Rose Confetti cup and saucer from Wayfair