The lies you are told

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This is FAR from healthy. What is her fasting glucose number? What is her blood pressure? How far can she walk without shortness of breath? Putting on a workout outfit does not make one fit and healthy!!

She is morbidly obese and there is a reason why it is called ‘morbid obesity’ because obesity at this level kills.

Lose weight in 2021. Get fit and healthy.


Transformation Workbook

‘You can’t plow a field by turning it over in your mind.’ Mark Twain What he is saying is that if you want to see change, you must be proactive Presently, my workbook is on sale for the month of January. Get your copy before the price goes up. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase this book. When you make your purchase, send a screen shot of the completed order and I will email the pdf to you.


Get fit in 2021 challenge. Who is with me?

We can form a community if you need one for motivation and accountability.


  1. I’ve been going to the YMCA and they try to help people through the holiday season to at least maintain the same weight because of the sweet treats and larger meals many of us eat during those days. Well, I gained two pounds and shame on me.

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    1. MelissaBishop says:

      Maybe it was 2lbs of muscle?

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      1. Thank you but at age 73, I don’t think so. I blame gravity. It just keeps me down to Earth.

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      2. MelissaBishop says:

        If you would like, I can send an email to you of the nutrition and workout plan I have been using. You could share it with folks at the Y but also I could use some feedback on how it reads and if it is easy to understand? I did not give descriptions of exercises. I figure people could look those up on the net. If you are interested, find the contact form and email me.

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  2. You are very current. This was on this mornings CBS news.

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