Are you ready to transform?

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The Transformation Book is now FREE

Excerpt from introduction:

Dear Reader,

You hold in your hands an instrument of change… not a magic wand. It is a map, of sorts, but must you must do the traveling.

Here you are at START. For whatever reason, you made the choice to purchase this book of Transformation. It is also your choice to put in the effort, or let this sit on your shelf, back seat of your car, or in your backpack unused. In other words; you will get out of it what you put into it.

Inside you will find; pages you can use to log what you eat, how much water you drink, the supplements you take, and your workouts. I suggest either adding more blank pages or purchasing some sort of workout journaling system you will use. Tracking your progress brings about more success than if you do not. There are also motivational quotes and journaling prompts to help you stay focused.

The goal in creating this was to make a fun, yet useful tool to guide you on your transformational journey to improved health, and weight loss, if that is what is needed.

From the book: Transformation by Melissa Bishop

Friday is the beginning of the New Year. Are you ready for a new you? When I was a Mary Kay Consultant, our director used to say, ‘Working will when wishing won’t!’.

All transformation takes work. To help you through your transformation process, I have written a workbook that includes; meal plans, workouts, suggestions for supplements, encouragement and some straight talk about wellness and food addiction.

If being unhealthy makes you more vulnerable to Covid and other illness, take back your life and health. Stop living in a prison of fat and exhaustion. Why not may 2021 your healthiest year yet?