What will you read in 2021?

It amazes me to be typing: 2021. It’s so ‘space-agey- and yet… where is my flying car, Elon Musk?

assorted title book lot
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Have you drawn up your 2021 reading list? I had wanted to do a book journal this year, but I am finding that many planners are sold out. People are excited to turn their backs on 2020. If only having a great year WERE as easy as writing it down on a dot grid. I think I can find one from 2020 I have not used. I have a slight notebook/journal addiction. Paper is like a drug to me. I must have it!

No matter what 2021 throws at us, what we read can never be taken away from us. Books are with us forever.

Whether you decide to go for a 52 books in 2021 reading plan such as THIS,


or you have goal to read the classics and use THIS,

Amazon.com: The Harvard Classics in a Year: A Liberal Education in 365 Days  eBook: Eliot, Charles, Kennedy, Amanda, Kennedy, Amanda: Kindle Store

your reading plan is yours, and yours alone.

The More You Read, The More Things You Know. The More That You Learn, The  More Places You'll Go! D… | Reading quotes, Dr seuss reading quotes, Quotes  for students

There are online book clubs, Victoria magazine has one, that you can join. The point is to read. You do not need to concur 52 books next year. That is a fairly lofty goal. The point is to read something other than a magazine, your social media, emails, texts, etc. Exercise that big brai nof yours… READ.