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If those are tough words to read, try being the loved one of a Type 2 diabetic or an obese person. So your feelings are hurt… their lives are a wreck because of you. If you are obese, or diabetic, and your loved ones are still there caring for you maybe give them a gift of a healthy you? They are loyal to you. They love you. They have devoted a certain amount of time to care for you. Repay their kindness by making some positive life changes to improve your health.

Excerpt from my new book: Transformation

I hope that does not sound too harsh. It is an excerpt from my workbook I am offering to you to help you get started on your own fitness journey. I decided to write up the food plan and workouts I have been doing that have helped me to lose weight, and offer them to you to use yourself if you so choose.

This is the surprise I told about that I have been working on.

My book is called: Transformation.

The cost of the workbook is, $4.99. There is a place below where you make your purchase. After Paypal notifies me that the payment went through, I will send a pdf to you via email that you can open and use for your Transformation. If you do not receive the pdf, Paypal may not have notified me of your purchase. In that case, email a screen shot of the order confirmation form Paypal showing the purchase was made and I will send the pdf to you.

Please make sure you give a valid email where to send the pdf.

Transformation Workbook

Workout and meal plan.


You will get out of this what you put into it. You can download it and recreate your own fitness journal or use it straight. Just use it.

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If you have any questions, please contact me through the blog or leave a comment. If you want to start a fitness club we can look into that. Let’s make 2021 better for our health than 2020!