St. Nicholas is real!

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At the tail end of my journey from Protestantism… the odd trend of parents telling their kids Santa Claus was fake was just beginning to become mainstream in my area. While it’s great to bring children back to true Christianity, what is not so great is being so unfamiliar with your own Christian history that you do not know that St. Nicholas, or, Santa Claus- IS a real person.

I say ‘is’ instead of ‘was’ because he is in heaven praying for us in the throne room of God.

St. Nicholas saved young women from human trafficking, he punched a guy for being a heretic, and he did many miracles as well.

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F.Y.I., later, after the council declared Arius to be wrong, Arius died on the toilet after his bowels exploded. Gotta watch those heretical declarations, folks.

If you would like to know more about St. Nicholas (like why the stores sell chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil during the Christmas season (It is done to celebrate St. Nicholas’ generosity which saved girls from prostitution. They are tossed to the children after the liturgy held to celebrate St. Nicholas.), you can read more about him HERE.

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Maybe this year, instead of telling your children there is no Santa Claus, perhaps you could read a book to them about the REAL St. Nick… St. Nicholas.

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