Nativity Fasting Calendar

Thank you Lord for all of the fish days! Here is a LINK to the fasting days for November and December 2020. Basically it’s just the Nativity Fast that is left. Remember, we do not just fast from food but from words and deeds as well. We are trying to prepare ourselves for the coming of our Savior. Fast from watching t.v. or movies or playing video games that are violent or ‘racy’. Adjust reading material as needed. Maybe kick the dog less (joking DON’T EVER KICK YOUR DOG!). Basically everything becomes G rated. Maybe go a bit further and dote on family more. Shop less. No use getting into debt over the holidays.

If you are using the Advent study from orthodoxmom, today is the first study day.

Q. Did you know that Mary lived in the temple from the age of three until she turned 15 and that she was fed by angels everyday?

Feel free to leave an answer in comments. If you never heard this before, what are your thoughts?

Mary and the Saints – for Protestants – A Sign of Hope