Victoria magazine book club, Teardrop trailers, and a Homer bucket

What is a ‘Homer’ Bucket? It is a 5 gallon, bright orange bucket sold by Home Depot. We are having major plumbing issues and I have had to use it as my toilet the entire weekend. Oh joy.

Perhaps this is God’s way of showing just what to expect should I actually end up living in a RV/van? Yes RV’s have toilets that flush but I am not too keen on dealing with emptying tanks and finding a dump station. I was looking up Mueller State Park on line yesterday and their dump station is only open until the first freeze. Something to think about for future reference when camping and in need of a dump station. Or you could illegally dump it as I have seen while driving around my city. People just park on a steep hill and let Mother Nature, and gravity to the rest. Ew. No thank you.

In 1970 the population in Colorado Springs was 206,000. Today, it is over 700k! I’m writing about this because the city just installed those ‘go’ lights on the on-ramp you typically see in larger cities to regulate entry onto the interstate during rush hour. I am not a fan of living in a big city. I pray my husband and I can find a smaller, more rural town to live in.

Did you know that Vitoria magazine has a book club? The current book being read is, Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls-Wilder.

Image form Victoria Magazine

I purchased in on my Kindle instead of a ‘real’ book. I love the feel of real books but I am trying to downsize and so now books and magazines are digital purchases whenever possible. So much easier to haul around than a physical library.

One last thing… on Wednesday, my husband was Christmated into the Orthodox Christian church! Yay! We fasted prior to taking the eucharist so when we left the church, we treated ourselves to breakfast at one of our favorite fast-food restaurants. When we left, we saw a big truck, like a contractor pickup truck, pulling a trailer on which sat one of those tiny teardrop campers!

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD revealed: Big face for Chevy's big pickup truck
A truck like this. Photo from,
Teardrop Trailers & Mini Campers for Sale in California | Little Guy  Trailers

One of these… on a trailer bed. I cannot understand why anyone would buy a TearDrop trailer. So much money for so little space AND, I think… IF they were using their TearDrop and not just picking it up or dropping it off, there is a design flaw (one of many I think) that makes it hard, if not impossible to be pulled by larger vehicles. I think this is what was going on with the large truck.

Teardrop Campers: What is a Teardrop Camper & Should You Get One?

In this photo (above) see how the standard smaller tires have been replaced with larger tired lifting it up and making it easier to tow? What do you think? Do you think a TearDrop trailer is a bit better than living in a vehicle? I dunno. We have big Yukon XL and I think I might like living in it better than a TearDrop. This being said without even trying either one. What do I know? Nothing so far but I’m willing to experiment with both. After all, I have used a 5 gallon bucket as a toilet. I’m feeling pretty invincible right now! Does this mean I can kill my own spiders now? Mmmm… no.

What is the weirdest place you had to, ‘pop a squat’?