Binging is gluttony

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Have you heard about ‘Covid 15 or Covid 10’? It is not a new strain of the virus but a reference to the weight people are gaining during the pandemic. I for one have been eating like it is my job. My assignment, should I choose to accept it is to consume as many calories as possible everyday.

That is not really my assignment, but I have been living as if it were. It’s not just Covid stress. It’s the Covid stress compounded with normal life stresses, the general lawlessness in American right now (especially seen in how people drive AND how we are treating each other). It all adds up.

Normal stress reducing techniques are replaced by things we know are not good for us but we justify their necessity. When I confessed this to my priest, this is what he wrote back.

 Thanks be to God, He is merciful!    Let us gain a “broken and contrite heart” from observing and confessing our passions.   We are weak indeed….  And the current cultural oppression of pandemic and politics seem to drive us all the more easily toward the passions for some degree of relief and escape, if not simply “excuse”.   In the “High Priestly Prayer” of our Lord in John 17 He prays:  “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.”  It would sure be easier if we could be taken “out of the world”….   Keeping ourselves from “evil” is a lot more work!   Nonetheless, our Lord is with us and prays for us…. So that in Him “all things are possible”.   I expect that although we are not being removed from the world, nonetheless, “the world” needs to be removed from us… and that is surely what He means when he uses the word “evil”….   That we be kept from domination from the passions and reasonings within.  The post communion prayer unto the Theotokos specifically states “deliver me from the bondage of my own reasonings”.
God help us!   And God is helping us!   Glory to God for His immeasurable sustaining grace and mercy.

I hope this brings some measure of insight on how to better deal with ‘comfort sins’ or ‘comfort passions’. As Christians, we are called to remove the world from within ourselves.

Binging on food, drink, entertainment, etc. is all gluttony. How can we do better? More prayer. Prayer for ourselves our family our community.

It is being predicted that there will be riots after the election no matter who wins. Join me in praying against that.

There has been a radical display of hate the last few months. How about a radical display of love?

Where can you start? Example; one of my nieces was in a terrible car accident yesterday. Her car was T-boned by a driver running a stop sign. I have seen so many people running red lights and stop signs lately. STOP DOING THIS!! You have no right to do this. If you are running late that is your problem and you don’t endanger the lives of other people to make up the time you spent over-sleeping or doing whatever it was that prevented you from giving yourself enough time to safety travel to your destiny.

Let’s work on being humble, loving and considering others better than ourselves. This IS what Jesus did.

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My focus this week is on NOT eating to excess (well, not JUST this week but now is a great time to start making changes).

Can you think of something that needs adjusting in your life that you can begin to change today?